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It's not just the training that packs a punch in the boxer's weight loss plan. Ric explains that his clients must follow a strict nutritional programme for the exercise to take any effect. Here's a typical daily diet to get yourself fighting fit.

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

Fearing how I would cope in the surrounds of a proper boxer's gym, though, we meet in the rather more glamorous surrounds of Ric's city centre base, at the gym at the swanky Light Boutique Apartment Hotel on Thomas Street.

As he takes me through another set of 100 hits, Ric tries to energise me with his mantra: "In life you reap what you sew, you get nothing for free including your fitness and hard work is everything."

Not knowing quite what to expect from my session, I decide to keep my spectacles firmly on just so that Ric will pity me that bit more when the punches start to roll.

Photos litter the walls of the gym of some of the boxers he's helped "lean up" and I'm impressed. If he can do anything like this with me, I'm onto a winner.

After 100 fast paced punches and aching thighs already, he seems to have a point.

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

time for the big day.

And clearly plenty of other women out there have had the same idea. In fact, Ric has spotted such a niche in the market that he's set up a special organisation Nike Air Max Black For Men

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

After a total of 400 punches, I'm ready to hit the floor but Ric just sees this as an excuse to get me working on a gruelling round of crunch and punch sit ups.

I then end up screaming in agony as Ric finishes off the session with some intense, and I mean intense, stretching.

Daily diet packs a punch

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

He somehow has the power to turn wobbly flesh into a lean six pack in a matter of weeks so he's got plenty to go at with me, I thought.

And for my first foray into boxing, I meet not just with any trainer, but Ric Moylan, who is the strength and conditioning coach with Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton's stable of boxers over in Hyde, no less.

Thankfully though, I discover it's only me throwing the punches in these sessions.

But who better to advise on whittling incredible amounts of weight into lean muscle in super quick time than a boxing trainer? After all, these are the guys charged with whipping boxers down to their fight weights.

For details of Fighting 4 Fitness call Ric on 07734298148

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

weight loss methods over the past two months.

Arrggh, anything Ric, just make the pain stop.

called Wedding Trainers to use his boxer style programmes to make sure brides to be fit into their gowns in Nike Air Max 90 Prm Curry

Now, he's transferring that knowledge to help all wannabe fat fighters to get into shape with his company, Fighting 4 Fitness.

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

"You need to stretch more," he says as he twists my poor sore leggy in on itself. "Your muscles are very tight".

Ric has been charged with helping scores of boxers including world amateur gold medallist Frankie Gavin over the year to get fighting fit.

Ric takes me through boxer's jabs and hooks and explains how they are actually the perfect exercise moves for conditioning the entire flabby middle section of my body.

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

I've been testing all sorts of fitness classes and Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly Tinker

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

Alldieters are looking for that holy grail of weight loss the quick fix to finally blitz those extra pounds to oblivion.

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

With my own wedding day not too far on the horizon, it seemed like the perfect excuse to get some one on one tuiton from Ric.

Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Gold

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