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"But there was one brave man that day . the major. He was marching on alone, not knowing his troops had scattered.

killed on the Somme.

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"We had only gone about 20 yards when there was a mighty roar and 64 rockets were heading our way.

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"He left behind a half finished letter to his wife. The final line said that he would have to stop writing and would finish the letter when he got back but he went over the top and was killed at Vimy Ridge.

"I spent the next four years in Newstead Sanatorium. I lost my left lung."

"When we first arrived at Sutton on Sea railway station we all assembled on the main road, about 40 of us, and with a major taking the lead we marched off smartly.

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He married Yvonne Stevenson after the war but she died 23 years ago and, having no children, he has lived alone ever since.

"We never fired those guns in anger, but it was good fun and I made lots of friends."

The photograph was taken outside the girls' school facing the Goose Fair site, towards the end of the Second World War.

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Despite that handicap, he has lived a long and enjoyable life.

Funnily enough, after the war Mr Pritchard answered an advertisement to join the RAF and was initially accepted only to be later told he was medically unfit Nike Air Max 90 Moire because of TB.

"I was very disappointed as I really wanted to go in."

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"I went for the medical and was rejected, Grade 4, because I was knock kneed and could not stand to attention.

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It was the nearest William Pritchard got to the war after his attempt to join the army was turned down.

"We scattered to both sides of the road.

"We made our way through and found a large lake. The Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Red

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"Yvonne's father, William Stevenson, was a well known golf and club maker at Newark Golf Club, but he was Nike Air Max 90 White And Red

pilot was floundering in the icy water so we fished him out, took him back to the pumping station, but this time we held on to him until the army came and whisked him off to Chilwell depot."

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crashed pilot

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