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During a recent address to the Rotary Club of Corner Brook, Dave Higdon said the Forget Me Not Campaign he chairs was planning on branching out beyond its Remembrance Square project.

sculpture of a First World War era soldier approaching the Danger Tree.

There will also be a couple of helmets to recognize how the site's curator would take helmets of the fallen soldiers and place them at the tree after the war ended.

Plaques putting the history in context will also be a part of the installation.

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for the campaign at Remembrance Square.

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A site has been chosen for the memorial in front of the Forestry Building at the campus.

"We felt there should be a nice place on campus where students and the public could go and think about these things, because there is nothing there right now."

The tree will be sculpted by Morgan MacDonald, the artist who has Air Max 90 Essential Midnight Navy

The tree had been an easily identifiable spot where the troops were ordered to gather during the First World War battle. The raging war around it eventually reduced the tree, which was also highly visible to German artillery, to a sparse tree trunk.

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The campaign is hoping to have sculptures at Grenfell Campus in 2014. Its focus now is paying off the recent additions to Remembrance Square and planning enhancements for the Bay of Islands War Memorial in Curling. The latter job will entail parking, lighting and a sculpture.

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The site will also include a Nike Air Max Camo Green

What is left of the Danger Tree still stands in the more subdued atmosphere at Beaumont Hamel.

"We wanted to do something for Memorial University since it is named in honour of all the soldiers from Newfoundland and Labrador who fought," said Higdon.

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Danger Tree sculpture planned for Grenfell Campus

At the base of the Danger Tree sculpture will be 68 badges, featuring the caribou emblem worn by the Newfoundland Regiment soldiers. There will be one badge for every regiment member who died trying to get to the Danger Tree.

Higdon wasn't specific about the plans when speaking to Rotarians, but did offer more of a glimpse during the campaign's gala dinner in Corner Brook this past Thursday.

That phase of the project will involve the creation and erection of a bronze sculpture of the Danger Tree, a landmark used by the Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont Hamel the location in France Nike Air Max 90 Infrared 2010 where many members of the regiment were killed.

Future efforts include erecting sculptures which commemorate veteran's wartime service. Memorial University's name reflects those who sacrificed their lives during wartime.

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