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Gerbils unite! Fold for UnitedGerbilNation, team 2630.

The fan does have a filter. It think that the lizard got in through the floppy drive hole in the front of the case(i dont have a floppy drive).[/quote]

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

The reason for using distilled water is it is pure water plain tap water can leave a residue when it dries that could be harmful.

By "parts", do you mean the Parts of the case like fan etc or parts such as, motherboard, video/sound cards etc ?.

Water is the enemy of all powered up electronics, however it is used during the production to clean the boards. Unplug absolutely everything including removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard, then wash in distilled water. in front of an air conditioner and not somewhere which is super humid) and alcohol come in. The thing with alcohol is it evaporates very quickly and it mixes with water so if there are any little bubbles of water hiding under the edge of a chip it should help dry them out.

affect anything on the board that you care about, except the paper labels I mentioned earlier. I don't know much about RC cars, but if the motor windings or any of the inductors use an organic shellac as an insulator (slim chance), then you would have problems.

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

Distilled water is pretty safe. The danger, even with distilled, is that any flux residue that's still on the board from manufacturing is water soluble, so as soon as the distilled hits that, it's no Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe longer distilled water. The boards are washed in water and alcohol after assembly, so whatever's left on the board should be very minor. I'd follow the advice about letting it dry thoroughly afterwards, just the same.

So I turned it off and remarkably, the rats stopped squealing. Open up the case slowly the place is a tomb. cobwebs everywhere. No rats. Closed her up and switched it back on. Squealing starts again. A this point I thought it was some kind of electrical charge or something but I eventually traced it down to a single fan. The fan on my 9600 pro, which had become SO clogged with lint and grime that it was basically a spinning dirtcake. Removed the fan and soaked it in soapy water overnight. Squealing problem went away.

Alcohol is an organic solvent and will no Nike Air Max 90 Floral Print

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

To save future dilemma's, install a filter in front of the fan

Around this time I began to hear shrill high pitched squealing noises amongst the rubble and when it first happened I was convinced that my slovenly filth had finally given me a rat infestation problem. My parents had been threatening it for years.

The Model M is not for the faint of heart. You either like them or hate them.

I'll have to confess ignorance of "methylated spirit". I assume that means either "methyl alcohol" of what's sometimes called "denatured" alcohol (meaning ethanol with some methanol added to discourage consumption). If that's the case, you should be fine as long as there are no non alcohol ingredients.

This sounds really stupid in hindsight but I put on loads of layers of clothing and 2 pairs of gloves (for some reason I thought that should a rat jump me the extra layers would prevent a bite from drawing blood). Then I began to carefully remove bits of garbage to uncover the source of the infestation with a broom stick. I tracked down the squealing to my PC case. Actually inside my PC case. Which was puzzling. Rats were breeding in my Sony VAIO.

This reminds me of the time 4 or 5 months ago during the height of my dirty period where I used to crash in from work and just junk everything on the floor. Throw crisp packets at the bin but if they missed, would just leave them on the floor. Plates stacked up on my desktop and empty cans were strewn all over. My room looked like a regular garbage tip.

What do I use to clean it? Nike Air Max 90 White Red Black

I'd dip the motherboard in distilled water and scrub it with a nylon brush. Take it out and hit it with a good dousing of alcohol with a spray bottle, making sure to hit the insides of the PCI/AGP connectors. Blow the connectors dry with a can of compressed air and blow underneath any components where water has collected. Let it sit out in the sun, or, if you're in the UK, put it under a spotlight to heat it up and dry it out.

Morale of the story: If you hear animal noises in your PC its probably some mechanical part that has become clogged with dust. Unless of course its actually a rabid animal, shacking up next to your DIMMS and roasting cockroaches over the chipset. Then you are in for a world of pain.

Dead Animal Inside My Comp

Throw away the body parts, don't flush em. Use a strong antibacterial (Hospital grade if possible) lysol esque spray. No telling what was in that bugger when he / she died. Make sure the power is not connected while doing this, infact I'd take it all apart and wash the case with hot soapy water if possble. Then put the parts out to dry for a few days and then put it back together. For the case, once it's all clean, go ahead and wash it with some sort of scented cleaner and then leave it out to dry.

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

the case, but now it smells worse. So, I have braved myself to clean the insides of my computer, but don't know how. I am reluctant to use water to wipe the surface of my motherboard. My neighbour suggested I use alcohol (pure ethanol), but i feel that the ethanol will dissolve the motherboard away.

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

Apart from going to hell for killing an innocent animal, I have got another punishment My room smells like someone with diarrhea crapped all over the walls, ceiling and the floor, twice. The lizard (or maybe just its tail, I have no idea) had been sliced 'n' diced by my fan. Now there are bits of it everywhere, on the motherboard, video card, sound card, TV tuner etc. I tried spraying room freshner into Nike Air Max Elite Basketball Shoes

notfred wrote:The thing with alcohol is it evaporates very quickly and it mixes with water so if there are any little bubbles of water hiding under the edge of a chip it should help dry them out.

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

Do you rinse the thing with a alcohol/water mix? I am just wondering whether alcohol will dissolve the surface mount or whatever chemical they choose to put on the PCB?

How about water with little bit of soap? Help is needed immediately, or my neighbour will start complaining, as the all penetrating stink is becoming more and more nauseating every second.

Alcohol won't affect any of the PCB materials, but it might damage any paper labels that are on the board. It does a great job of getting dust and grime out of connectors.

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

I thought that water is the enemy of all electronics.

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

Nike Air Max 90 Id Women's Shoe

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