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Senator Stoner is out at town hall meetings PUSHING this light rail down our throats!

Maloy said the perception of a conflict is still there.

"It may not help you immediately in the sense that you're going to go catch the train and ride down there," Stoner said. "But what it may do is remove a great deal of vehicles off that roadway that you use."

The new reapportionment map has extended Stoner's district down into Republican Buckhead, which could potentially cost him next year's election. Already candidates are lining up to challenge him, among them Josh Belinfante of Sandy Springs, an attorney with RobbinsFreed who formerly served as chief legal adviser to Gov. He does not have a vote on any of the projects on the list. That vote is taken by the members of the Regional Roundtable which consists of 10 County Commissioners from the 10 County Region and 1 mayor from each of those 10 Counties plus the Mayor of Atlanta totaling 21 members. Get your facts straight.

Stoner went to work for Croy in May after serving as a senior business development manager since 2009 with PBS which was bought by Atkins.

"We're part time legislators," he said. "We have to have full time jobs. You try to be careful of anything that comes through to avoid a conflict of interest, and that's part of the reason I don't do business development in Cobb County. It just happens to be this is a subject matter I've dealt with for years in my different positions over the years, and I've been consistent in my views."

"I haven't talked with anyone else at the Georgia Tea Party, but personally it sounds like a conflict of interest to me, and I'd like to hear how Stoner justifies it and how he says it's not a conflict of interest," Maloy said.

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Now all ya'll Tea Partiers just go on and shut up and quit lookin' for trouble. BE OBEDIENT! BE QUIET! NOW!

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Now what makes ya'll think that good ole' Senator Stoner has anything in his heart other than the best interests of all Cobb County reisdents and all the folks in the 10 county Atlanta metro TSPLOST region?

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Critic says senator's support of light rail a conflict of interest

Thanks, Tom, for exposing this. Wonder what kind of campaign contributions other supporters of the TSPLOST got, going back a couple of years ago when the TSPLOST was first on the table?

During that forum, Stoner called transit an investment and criticized those who want a return on their tax dollars immediately as "kind of un American."

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"This isn't something new," Stoner said. "I support us eventually having rail coming out of Midtown. I support us having rail along (Interstate) 285, and I support going all the way to Acworth. The question to the voters is this the method that we do this."

Stoner hosted a Sept. 8 TSPLOST town hall where he argued against the belief that crime increases with the arrival of transit in a community, noting that the proposed rail line would reduce the number of cars on the road.

Croy Engineering recieved the 1.8 MILLION to do a 'study' of light rail along Cobb Parkway. Senator Doug Stoner (of Smyrna), WORKS for Croy.

impropriety there or of a conflict of interest. Stoner should have better sense than that. And if he's truly serving his constituents, he would not even allow that perception."

If voters approve the 10 year transportation tax, Cobb is expected to receive $1.18 billion in funding for projects. The largest line item is an $856.5 million earmark for a Midtown to Cumberland light rail line.

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Stoner said anyone who has known him knows he's supported bringing rail transit to Cobb County.

the belief that our senators, commissioners mayors,. SHOULD be working for US! WE THE PEOPLE!

Maybe the MDJ or some industrious person Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Neon Pink will investigate campaign contributions.

The city of Smyrna has 'mouthpieces' that claim to be nothing but innocent 'volunteers', yet they constantly surf the web to contradict any truth that might begin to leak out from around the edges.

SMYRNA State Sen. Doug Stoner (D Smyrna) works in business development for Croy Engineering of Marietta, a company that has directly benefited from a proposal for mass Air Max 90 Ultra Br Pure Platinum

He told the Journal he disagrees that there's a conflict of interest with his involvement in TSPLOST on one hand and working for Croy on the other.

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Stoner said he is undecided about how he will vote in next year's referendum until he sees the final project list.

"And perception is reality," Maloy said. "If he was an astute politician, and if we was really serious about serving his constituency, he would not even allow the perception of Air Max 90 Vt Midnight Fog

Don't ya'll know that just because the company he works for (one of many) stands to make millions of dollars in engineering fees if the TSPLOST passes that it doesn't mean there is anything illegal going on under the table?

transit in Cobb County, which critics say creates a conflict of interest. 41 corridors, how much it will cost and where it should be built.

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