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Even more stupid is that the 1789 law all Nike Air Max 90 Iron Metallic Red Bronze Gold

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Court Rules No Suspicion Needed for Laptop Searches at Nike Air Max 90 Full Red Border

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A quote from the ruling that bugs me: "[The detention of David Miranda] is enough to suggest that it would be foolish, if not irresponsible, for plaintiffs to store truly private or confidential information on electronic devices that are carried and used overseas"(p23, https: is in the middle of a discussion of carrying lawyer client privileged documents over the border; the judge says you should have no expectation of privacy because other countries may conduct invasive searches too. As advice, it hard to disagree, that where we are now; but surely two wrongs don make a right?It would be obviously wrong for police to confiscate your money because you were walking towards a rough part of town where you might Air Max 90 Em Id

Or there is another reason for such activities, and "contraband" is just a disguise.

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be robbed. Yet that is the kind of logic the judge applies here; he relaxes the responsibilities of the US govt by invoking hypothetical actions by others. In the 21st century, the most dangerous contraband is often contained in laptop computers or other electronic devices, not on paper. This includes terrorist materials and despicable images of child pornography."Judge Korman is quoting Michael Chertoff, Searches Are Legal, Essential, USA Today, July 16, 2008, at A10.

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"Drug Warriors and Their Prey" examines the process by which the WoSD started to corrode civil liberties and how those tactics paralleled those used in the rise of the Nazis. Co opting the judiciary to ensure those with the appropriate mindset or judicial philosophy was a key tactic thus judges were able to make rulings supporting the bad policies of the executive branch, and so it all snowballs. It like an unconscious conspiracy.

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Nike Air Max 90 Full Red

Contraband? Contraband?!??If one wished to bring digital contraband into the US, why oh tell me why would anyone ever bring it physically over the border on a machine?!?We invented a network of networks that makes this rather easier to securely do quite some years ago. Exceptions are made if they need money for a program that Congress refuses to fund, though, when they make sure that their man shipments of drugs will get into the country safely.

this is based on talks about the need to search ships to ensure no goods requiring tariffs sneak into the country. It probably because many of them Air Max 90 Escape

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Three words: people are dumb.

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Nike Air Max 90 Full Red

Do you REALLY think childporn is the reason? Really? I don believe a single word that comes out of these blowhards mouths anymore.

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Including those who make and enforce the laws.

are starting to be given positions by corrupt administrations that are in favor of the surveillance state. This is also why I terrified about Obama naming any Supreme Court Justices by the time he leaves Office. The current Supreme Court is definitely not perfect, but I think so far they erred on the side of privacy. And then she was recently named a federal judge in New York. I wouldn be surprised if this was her giving this ruling, but just goes to show how good judges are starting to be replaced by bad ones, in favor of the surveillance and police state.

I would have thought that this fairly obvious counterpoint would have been brought up by someone somewhere along the line before this decision was released, though.

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