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Which is how Newcastle United fan Robson becomes Brad Shearer, while Mark doesn't think before picking the name Wayne Carr.

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As the only witnesses to a gangland execution, they and their families are told they have to join the Witness Protection Programme leaving behind their old lives and identities.

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of this drama.

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"It was great having David on set. We had a great time talking about all his football stories, although when he first arrived I was a little speechless. I'm terrible whenever I meet heroes of mine. I'm fortunate to know Alan Shearer quite well but when I meet up with him my voice goes up an octave and I end up sounding so stupid."

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Danger for Lightly lads

"We really do get on like Colin and Howie and my friendship with Mark is one that I know will continue." That's despite the fact that Mark supports Middlesbrough, while Robson is a regular just up the road at St James's Park home of his beloved Magpies.

"Colin being Colin does think it's all quite exciting initially, until Jackie gives him a reality check. Secretly Colin believes that he could have been a cop or a detective."

Robson is no stranger himself to being labelled a heart throb. "I do laugh at some of the things that are said but I don't believe the hype," he says.

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Colin's wife Jackie, played by Rochdale born actress Nicola Stephenson, becomes Emily Shearer and Howie's other half Pauline, played by former Cutting It star Sian Reeves, is Nicole Carr.

"I have one friend in particular called Robin Sellers and irrespective of what's happening in my life we have always been good friends. He is the only man I can be emotionally intimate with, Nike Air Max Emergent Mens Basketball Shoes

and that's a rarity for men.

If you feel we have made an error Nike Air Max 90 For Women White in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP.

Mark recalls: "David was absolutely brilliant. A really fantastic actor. You could think that certain sports stars would come in and be a bit wooden. But he was great, really up for it and good fun. Needless to say, all the female members of the crew were over the moon to have him on set."

"And I can only apologise for the anti climax whenever the word heart Nike Air Max 90 Premium Ltr

The two actors were, however, united when it came to the guest appearance in City Lights of a former Newcastle player.

"One of these jobs sees the pair of them becoming traffic wardens. It is a funny story where Colin only gives a ticket to cars that look flash and one of the cars he gives a ticket to belongs to none other than David Ginola.

"The great thing about these characters, Colin and Howard, is that if you put them in jeopardy, you'll get conflict and a really good twist in the story," says Robson.

throb' is mentioned.

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The Geordie star adds: "I am quite like him. I have very few friends, you know, really close ones. I can count them all on one hand.

"I think because of the jeopardy that this series has, it brings Colin and Howie even closer. They really stick together and after all these new identities are in place they even get various jobs together," explains Robson.

"I'm lucky to have friends like that, and I think Colin feels the same way about Howie. I'm so happy about meeting Mark Benton during the making Nike Air Max 90 Red Hyperfuse

Creator and executive producer Jeff Pope says: "We took courage from the fact that ITV said it was hungry for bold, fresh, edgy shows and we felt that it would be an interesting challenge to take a successful family comedy drama and push it into new territory by adding in a thriller element which consistently put the families in danger."

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