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Parents appreciated the consistency and routine of kindergarten.

I sure the parents appreciated the consistency and routine of all day kindergarten. I sure they also appreciated the free babysitting service. Oh pardon, not so free after all, I paying for it. Sorry to sound bitter, but this province is already in a huge financial mess and we paying for all day kindergarten for 4 year olds? What happened to parents Air Max 90 Mid Winter Dark Loden

Nike Air Max 90 For Girls

While full day kindergarten can make it easier for children to receive community support, such as food programs, the report found that some children do not receive the extra attention they need because there are no consistent assessments in place to flag students. Sometimes students are placed on waiting lists because school boards do not have enough personnel support.

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Another issue is that the role of the early child educator is not fully understood in some schools, which impedes teaching. They can be treated, wrongly, like educational assistants.

The Ontario government report found that high needs, junior kindergarten students, who were placed in full day education, had higher school readiness scores.

I don want to debate the point, I just frustrated that even though the province is practically bankrupt, it just spend, spend, spend and let future generations take care of the debt.

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There are some issues with the implementation of full day kindergarten, the report found. While the government has moved to play based learning, some boards are still focused on literacy and numeracy instruction, and mis categorized structured learning stations as play based learning areas.

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Nike Air Max 90 For Girls

Nike Air Max 90 For Girls

Nike Air Max 90 For Girls

All junior kindergarten students in full day kindergarten had high scores in two areas, communication and general knowledge.

The program was first rolled out four years ago, and is expected to be in all elementary schools by September 2014.

elennah we all paying for it. It investing in our future, not babysitting I do all the things you mention as the proper way to raise a child, and my daughter loves kindegarten. She absolutely loves being around other kids all day, having friends, and learning. She actually wants to go Nike Air Max 90 For Girls to daycare afterschool although my wife is at home during the day, because she loves the experience so much. Sounds like you simply frustrated by the poor economic record of the last few provincial gov and are pointing at kids being in school too much as part of the problem. Are you going to suggest that high school students only attend half days also and they have to have a job for the other half day that they don get paid for but helps pay taxes so you can pay less? Sounds crazy but so do your comments.

day kindergarten has most benefit for high

I am totally against full day kindergarten. My son started JK this September. I have arranged with his teacher, to only send him for half days. My brother in law teaches JK/SK. He refers to himself as Nike Air Max 90 Camo Print Trainers

Full day kindergarten has the most benefit for high needs students, according to an Ontario government report, but the benefits did not always extend to children from more affluent families.

Full day senior kindergarten students in high needs schools showed improvement in only one area, in physical health and well being. Full day senior kindergarten students who were not high need did not show any positive effects.

all day kindergarten, they attended half day kindergarten at age 5. All of them did extremely well in school and in their post secondary studies.

I have 2 children and am NOT happy with the all day day care service of the government. Why are all classes mixed JK and SK? It unfair for JK and SK students. JK students are still 3 or 4 and require far more attention than one or two teachers can give. SK students, while more independent, should be learning more advanced things than JK. My son, in SK this year, is having to relearn the alphabet AGAIN! It a waste of time when he knew the alphabet from when he was 3. But there are no SK only classes anywhere! Just another legacy of the mcguilty, lieberal era that Ontario is now stuck with footing the bill for until someone comes along and decides to fix the mess.

taking responsibility for their children early childhood education at home? Read to them, let them play, cook decent nutritious meals for them, let them have a childhood.

a babysitter There is only so much that you can do, with a class of 30 JK and Sk He admits to focus more of the on the Sk students, as the Jk get another year of this program. The amount of time that they spend eating lunch, using the washroom, getting dressed for outdoor time a waste of time. I believe that this program should be optional, and that the teachers should try to fit the curriculum into the morning, so that parents, like myself, are able to send their kids half day. I also have a teaching background, and I am fully capable of teaching, playing and working with my son, on my own. We have always had half day kindergarten change now? Children are so tired in the afternoon, they tend to get silly and misbehave. It is simply too long for a three/four year old. Daycares at this age, give the kids a 2 hour nap/rest time. I hope this changes for the young children in the future. At least make full day and half day optional!!!

We seem to have a misunderstanding Frank. I didn say anything about high school students. Just my personal opinion that four year old children do not need to be in school full days, if said school is funded by the tax payer. There are private day care centres although admittedly, not enough of them. At least in that scenario the parents foot the bill directly.

Nike Air Max 90 For Girls

Our children (now all in their twenties) did not attend Nike Air Max 90 Amazon

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Nike Air Max 90 For Girls

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