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Maybe everyone is last minute shopping for the holiday so they aren able to respond?!

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I also read a couple of his books. They are informative and helpful to establish a base of knowledge. I agree that a mentor would be the way to go.

I am surprised Renae has had trouble finding a quality one. I have found a number of them where I did some grunt work in exchange for knowledge transfer.

Normally, over 100+ people attend these meetings.

Thanks for the information Raymond.

I am interested in buying commercial apartment buildings and have looked in David Lindahl's program Apartment House Riches. I also see that it comes with a 90 day email mentor certificate where he personally answers your question via email.

I have to agree with Bryan and David, the best way to learn is to find someone that is doing what you want to do and find a way to help them. If you provide a service to them, then they will be more inclined to spend time with you. On the other hand, the more knowledge you have the more valuable you are to them. As far a bootcamps go, ask for recomendations from successful investors. Who were their mentors?

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

reading 10 books.

I am not able to see many reviews on this program so I wanted to see if anyone has bought and tried the program? Also is the 90 day mentor system really used meaning he does respond to your emails/calls and it helpful? He seems to have a lot going on so I wonder how well he is at responding to emails/phone calls with helpful info.

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

I have read a few of Lindahl books and they were pretty good. A lot of what you are trying to learn is much easier by doing though. Look for someone you can apprentice with in trade for value you provide to them. A local syndicator is your best bet. Look for someone you can apprentice with in trade for value you provide to them. A local syndicator is your best bet. You will learn more in a month shadowing that person than you will Nike Air Max 90 Sale Cheap

his style of teaching.

David Lindahl's Apartment Riches

I actually am a member of CTReia and that is where I first heard about David Lindahl because he came to speak at a Saturday event back in May. That is when I became very interested. From there, I read both of Lindahl books (Multi Family Millions and Emerging Real Estate Markets) and I really liked Air Max 90 Men

That is why I was wondering how his courses were and was hoping that some people on here would have Nike Air Max 90 Gray Orange

Of course, these people are at the meeting, when he is selling his program. But, that is the only time I see those people. They don show up at any other meetings, only when Lindahl is speaking.

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

taken his course or bootcamps.

Nike Air Max 90 Flower

Sometimes that is a little harder than it seems. I have tried to find a mentor several times, but only gotten TAKEN for a "ride"!!? I am not giving up on Investing, Nike Air Max 90 Flower but I"m a little nervous about stepping out there solo!

If for example the mentor is doing deals and then you come in to ask a zillion questions what does the mentor get??

The problem with programs like Lindahl and other such programs is that he is not involved with you. A lot of rah, rah and plenty of reading but you always seem to have to buy more to get the full deal.

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