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in the area. There's a concentration of art galleries alongside Nottingham Contemporary, such as the excellent Syson Gallery, Number 1 Thoresby Street and the Bohunk Institute. Air Max 90 Camouflage

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But the city council cannot and should not be expected to solve all the problems and drive all the opportunities. In his recent Business Post article, Harjeet Johal suggests policy should be much more "interventionist" and "the council should create and fund physical spaces".

If you want to expand or develop a new gallery, shout about it. If you want to set up a craft market, present a plan.

The Creative Quarter is a ten year project which is only just beginning, so we have to give it time; we have to stoke the fire with ideas and fan the flames with energy and enthusiasm.

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His announcement was the very start of the process and behind the scenes a lot of dedication, negotiation and hard work have gone into ensuring the various funds actually became reality.

Antenna. If you concentrate sufficient activity together in the right environment, a flame will ignite which will power more and more growth until it spills out beyond its original confines and reaches across the city.

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The idea behind the Creative Quarter is exactly the same as the concept behind BioCity or Nike Air Max 90 White Outfit

WOULDN'T it be fantastic if Nottingham were renowned the world over because of its vibrant, 21st century economy, a city crammed with interesting independent shops and street cafes; a thriving arts and music scene; high levels of employment and top quality local schools dedicated to producing citizens with skills in art and design, science, software and engineering?

The area around Hockley and Goose Gate is the most vibrant I've seen for a long time and there are many interesting new businesses springing up around Bellar Gate and The Steps. All signs of things to come.

The greenest city in the country, with the best public transport system and a cycle network that was so safe and easy to use that for many, jumping on a bike would be the obvious first choice to get to work?

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That doesn't mean simply focussing on science companies as at BioCity (yes, scientists are certainly creative), or digital media companies as at Antenna (the film, audio and graphics hub that Harjeet Johal says is needed in his recent Business Nike Air Max 90 Floral Print Post article); it includes any activity that contributes to the overall noise in the area design, art, software, retail, craft, manufacturing, etc be it business or charity, not for profit or hard nosed venture capital.

Yes, of course funding helps and the new loan and grant funds will certainly make a difference, but if the initiative isn't coming from the ground up, then it's probably not worth doing. So if somebody thinks there is an opportunity to gather together a group of businesses in a similar field and create a hub, they should come forward with the idea and it can be helped to become reality.

The Government wanted to announce the City Deal, including the Creative Quarter, last summer and so various ministers were rolled out to the major cities and we ended up with Eric Pickles.

Ultimately, the Creative Quarter is all about focus, the concentration of activity that allows new ideas to spark because like minded people are rubbing shoulders every day and generating new ideas. That simply doesn't happen if the activity is spread too thinly. Of course a business can base itself wherever it wants to and can still access the investment fund and grant funds that have been set up as part of the City Deal, but I believe companies will be more successful in future in the Creative Quarter environment, just as they are at BioCity.

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Kathy McArdle has been appointed to support activities in the Creative Quarter but while she is extremely enthusiastic and experienced, she is only one person and can't do everything. A decision was made early on to spend limited funds on the businesses and activities, not on a pool of administrators, which I wholly support, but that means individuals will need to take responsibility for driving projects forward.

No! No! No! The council should clear the path so that people can do their own thing without hindrance.

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Creative Quarter could make Nottingham greater

And the great thing is that there is already a lot going on Nike Air Max 90 Pink And Black

So the boundaries of the Creative Quarter were carefully drawn to include on its periphery Antenna, Broadway, BioCity and Nottingham Contemporary, hotbeds of creative activity in the city, with the aim of filling in the gaps in between them.

Of course there is an awful lot to do. The city council is rightly putting effort into improving the physical infrastructure in the area but the derelict state of the buildings in Sneinton Market is a criminally wasted opportunity. These avenues could be filled with creative businesses making and selling their wares but who wants to go there at the moment?

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