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Black swallowtails are attracted to members of the carrot family. This includes parsley, dill, celery, carrots, as well as Queen Anne's Lace, a wildflower that many deem a weed. Planting these in your butterfly garden is sure to attract this beautiful butterfly.

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Nike Air Max 90 Floral Pink

Asters and joe pye weed, among many others in the sunflower family, are host plants for painted lady butterflies.

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Most butterfly host and nectar plants should be planted in full sun, so choose a location on your property that receives as least a good six hours of sunlight each day in spring and summer.

All of these same members of the legume family will also attract tiny Eastern Tailed Blue butterflies. These butterflies, colored bright blue and not more than an inch across, are joyful additions to the spring and summer garden.

Asters and black eyed susans are host plants for many of the beautiful checkerspot and crescent butterflies, so be sure to include these. Both plants are among the best nectar plants for butterflies as well.

Planting cabbage in your garden is a great way to attract common cabbage white butterflies to your garden and to enjoy watching the green caterpillars feed and transform into winged adults. Remember, you are planting this for the butterflies, so don't be upset if they begin to eat the leaves. That's the whole point.

While the list of butterfly host plants and nectar plants is long, you can pick and choose as many as you would like to attract specific butterflies, or simply create a smorgasbord for the winged insects.

A host of ideas

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The caterpillars of the black swallowtail are unmistakable. Large and black with many vertical stripes in lime green with rows of bright orange dots, this caterpillar is not a garden pest and will eat only enough of these greens to help it mature into a spectacular adult.

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Nike Air Max 90 Floral Pink

Nike Air Max 90 Floral Pink

"We were so poor back then that I couldn't afford one of those butterfly nets, so I used a branch to capture and stun the butterflies," Voight explained.

During the summer of 1960, Jack Voight collected butterflies as a young boy, mounting them, as many boys did back then, Air Max 90 Ultra Blue

Colorful sulphur butterflies in yellow, orange, black and white, can be attracted by planting members of the alfalfa or legume family in Nike Air Max 90 Blue Black

your garden. Great choices include wild indigo (baptisia), wild senna, or popcorn plant and wild lupine.

Something many people are not aware of is that trees are also an important part of your butterfly garden, as many of our largest butterflies use trees as host plants for their caterpillars.

Creating a butterfly garden at home is quite simple, providing you are able to provide the things butterflies need most host plants, nectar plants and a water source.

use wild cherry, magnolia, birches, ash, mountain ash and cottonwood as host plants. Giant swallowtails can be attracted with hoptree and prickly ash shrub. The beautiful red spotted purple also uses wild cherry, as well as oaks, birch, willows and serviceberry.

to make a framed collection of the colorful flying insects found in the fields and meadows he explored.

Consider the trees

Looking for some ideas to attract butterflies to your garden? Here are Nike Air Max 90 Floral Pink some of the best host plants for butterflies in our area, as well as the specific butterflies that they attract.

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Made in the shade: Some of the most beautiful gardens are set in shady areas. Learn how to brighten the darkest places in your yard and garden with plant and design suggestions.

Milkweeds, including common milkweed, orange milkweed, swamp milkweed and red, or tropical, milkweed, are all excellent choices as they are host plants for the most beloved butterfly of them all, the monarch. The sweet nectar milkweeds produce also attracts many other species to your garden.

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On Twitter: Follow the YardMD on Twitter for the latest news, specials and unique plants and garden items Rob finds at garden centers throughout the area.

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Already gaining international attention, the Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin, located two miles north of Appleton on State 47, opens July 13 with a two day grand opening that will feature tours of the gardens, a photo gallery of butterflies, as well as guest speakers who will present butterfly themed topics over the weekend. To do this, nectar and host plants used in the gardens will be offered for sale in the gift shop.

This summer, Voight and his wife, Marty, continue this lifelong obsession with butterflies by opening a wondrous destination in northeast Wisconsin, the only facility of its kind in our area, Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin.

Create your own butterfly oasis with these plants and more

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