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"I respect District Attorney Reynolds and look forward to working with him," he said. "I also appreciated the fact that he took the time to discuss with me his decision to dismiss this case prior to releasing it to the media.

Staley was unavailable for comment Thursday.

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Make her the new Ga Attorney General, giving Sam Olens early retirement.

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Don't need another lecture from a lib about how the system works. The system is BROKEN now. Don't need another lecture by some twit who wants to talk about brown skin color trying to turn this into a racial issue your incapacity or outright unwillingness to discuss the application of the rule of law (until you get your people in a position to change it) speaks volumes. Don't need a sob story about how poor Jessica was forced to move to avoid PERSECUTION in Cobb County.

"However, as I have said before, it is my opinion that Ms. Colotl deserves no special consideration in the criminal justice process for decisions she made as an adult to violate the laws of this state. Affording her special treatment in this situation would send the wrong message to our youth and other members in our society."

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Burn the Constitution!

"She successfully completed her end of the deal," Reynolds said. "She did what the state asked her to do."

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After reviewing the case front to back, Reynolds said he came to the conclusion that the Cobb District Attorney's Office was "bound by its agreement," even though he wasn't involved in the case Nike Air Max 90 Essential White Womens initially, as former District Attorney Pat Head retired effective Dec. 31.

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Colotl's case began in March 2010 after a traffic stop on the campus of Kennesaw State University. She didn't have a driver's license and was taken to the Cobb County Jail, where she gave jailers an old address as her current one, resulting in the felony charge of making false statements.

Cobb Superior Court Judge Mary Staley Nike Air Max Bw Ultra

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Reynolds reached out to Colotl's defense attorney, Jerome Lee with Taylor, Lee and Associates of Atlanta, and spoke to Staley about having the case resolved.

"I think there had been some contention in this case and in the record I was not at liberty to express an opinion one way or the other," he said. "I inherited it some 16 months later and felt that the DA was bound by the agreement, whether the present administration agrees or disagrees."

MARIETTA Sixteen months after entering into a pretrial diversion program with the State of Georgia, Jessica Colotl's felony false swearing charge has been dismissed.

Strip all Americans of their guns rights.

signed an "order to dismiss" Wednesday in the case against Colotl, whose 2010 arrest after a traffic stop nearly led to her deportation.

Reynolds said his understanding of the case was that on Aug. 31, 2011, Head reached an agreement with Colotl that allowed her to enter into a pretrial diversion program, which required Colotl to complete at least 150 hours of community service, pay an admission fee to complete the program and provided the District Attorney's Office with at least three letters of references from individuals who attested to her character.

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"She was in agreement that it should be dismissed," he said. "The order was prepared, we had a brief hearing in court where (Staley) read the order into the record, then her honor proceeded to sign the record."

Then only then, we might begin to awaken.

Retire Governor Deal. Welcome our new governor, Jerry Gonzalas.

"When I took office Jan. 2, (the Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Infrared

Criminal charges dismissed in Jessica Colotl case

Colotl Consent Dismiss by mdjonline

motion to dismiss) was still on my desk, so I went about finding a way to resolve it," said Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds on Thursday. "I learned it was on the calendar for (Jan. 9), so I called Assistant District Attorney Greg Epstein and told him that we needed to do whatever we could to close this case."

Upon Colotl's completion of the program, Head's office submitted a dismissal motion to Staley, but Reynolds said either the judge or Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren "became concerned about the case, or at least expressed concern about the way it was handled," thus causing it to carry on for 16 months and bounce between court calendars the latter part of 2012.

by Warren, he said he was disappointed in Head's decision to defer Colotl's case and allow her to enter into the program but understood that Reynolds inherited the case and was bound by a prior decision.

In a statement released Air Max 90 Kanye

"There was an agreement made 16 months ago, where the District Attorney's Office had agreed to proceed with some sort of dismissal," he said. "I reviewed that agreement, I believed that the state legally and ethically was bound by that agreement, and I believe the District Attorney's Office has to abide by its word."

Take DA Kings citizenship, military service, patriotism throw it in the trash.

Make her an example. Give her 'citizen of the year' award and grant all her wishes.

Strip Sheriff Warren of his gun badge. Replace him w/ Rich Pelligrino.

Burn the flag!

Federal officials who perpetuate the story of racial persecution to further a political agenda is evidence that the exists but it isn't the we the tax payers and citizens consented to. The will reward this behavior until it is no longer politically expedient to do so.

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