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But the delay was a costly one, Davis said.

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A resident of Minnesota for a dozen years, he first became active in Republican politics when he began thinking of running against Walz. Generally pleased with the representation he'd received from Republican Congressman Gil Gutknecht (who Walz defeated, Blue Nike Air Max 90

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and health care decisions, he hasn't made his biography a central part of his campaign. There is one skill he's developed as a specialist in cancer treatment he believes would be helpful on a broader level if he's elected.

Walz bucked his leadership on gun issues, the No Child Left Behind education plan and on the $700 billion bailout of the financial services industry but not much else, Davis said.

Davis adds that the bursting of the housing bubble and the reckless lending practices of financial institutions also played a role.

Davis jokes that when his parents encouraged him to get a college education, he went a bit overboard. But the Illinois native also notes the work he did to earn money for college, including jobs as a furniture mover and janitor.

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Despite his inexperience, Davis knocked off two veteran Republican state lawmakers in the GOP endorsement process and in the September primary election. He raised more than $1 million in campaign donations, although more than $300,000 was in the form of loans and contributions he made personally.

Much of Davis' campaign has centered on oil drilling. Davis supports virtually unlimited access for the oil companies to federal waters and lands, including in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He condemns Walz for initially opposing expanded offshore drilling, although Walz later joined a coalition of Democrats and Republicans who developed a compromise plan that received 179 Republican votes (about 90 percent of all Republicans) in the House earlier this fall.

Davis notes the long term solvency of the Social Security system is in doubt even if no changes are made and that Walz is offering no specifics on how he would fix the problem.

The Walz campaign and the Democratic Party have criticized Davis' positions on Social Security and taxes, in both cases not telling the complete story.

"That preceded our financial crisis, and the two are very much related," he said. "I think it's difficult to deny that that precipitated our financial crisis. And that's where we differ."

Davis' political experience is as shallow as his educational and professional background is deep.

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He talks of the many times he's gone into a room where a cancer patient and family members are waiting, tries to put them at ease and then discusses the sometimes tough choices they face.

Because Davis would consider partial privatization of Social Security, a Walz ad has said Davis supports "cutting Nike Air Max 90 Essential Black Wolf Grey Atomic Red guaranteed benefits." The basis of the accusation is that Davis would undermine the financial viability of the system because younger workers would be able to divert money to private accounts.

Davis doesn't expect a majority of voters in the 1st District agree with him on all of those stances, but he's confident he can win the race.

"Minnesota is a great place, and a lot of people look at the candidates for who they are," he said. "And they may not agree with them on every issue, but they feel they can trust that person to be straight with them."

"What we were told in 2006 is that we were going to see an independent voice. We haven't seen that from Mr. Walz."

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"It does put things in perspective and also puts me in a position where I need to explain difficult things," Davis said. "And I think when you're running for office, you are put in a position where you have to answer a lot of questions in front of a lot of people."

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He also disputes suggestions the Bush tax cuts favor the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

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While Davis believes his background would be useful as the nation faces important energy Air Max 90 Vt Midnight Fog

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Davis brings health care expertise to race

ending a 12 year run in the House), Davis didn't like the direction the new Democratic majority was headed in 2007.

votes on Iraq, he hasn't always been there I would argue in terms of supporting the mission."

"That is not true," Davis said. "And there's a lot of rhetoric geared toward the politics of envy and class warfare."

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Another criticism this one from the DFL Party suggests Davis wants to institute a 23 percent nationwide sales tax. Davis said the flier fails to mention he only supports studying the idea of a flat tax and that it would be intended as a replacement of not in addition to existing federal taxes.

He's an opponent of abortion and gay marriage, is doubtful that fossil fuel consumption is the primary reason for global climate change and opposes embryonic stem cell research. He wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, would like to eliminate the estate tax and would be interested in studying a nationwide sales tax as a replacement for income taxes.

Davis doesn't give a direct answer when asked if he supports the current progressive income tax, which taxes higher income at higher rates: "I don't like that we have a 67,000 page tax code. It's a monstrosity."

There's the degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois and the work in nuclear power plant design and radioactive waste management. There are the master's and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With too few exceptions, Walz has been a loyal supporter of the Democratic leadership of the House, Davis said.

Dr. Brian Davis has a professional resume that just doesn't quit.

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"And when it comes to the Nike Air Max Full Court

Described as "a brilliant guy" who is "also deeply conservative" by John Hinderaker, one of the founders of the influential conservative Web log Power Line, Davis doesn't comment on the "brilliant" part but agrees with the description of his political philosophy.

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