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6. How do you plan on bringing "new life" to the city? (ex: people, business, events, parades etc.)

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

"No, because we already pay enough in taxes. Our city has a surplus there's no reason for us to do that at this point in time."

"The fact that we're showing a 100 million dollar surplus next year is an opportunity for us to take that money sit on it for the year while we go through our budget and get rid of the waste In our city. It's time that our city be aligned with the people that are paying the taxes. Toronto's paying more Nike Air Max 90 City Pack taxes Nike Air Max 90 Custom

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

3. How do you feel about the idea of charging road tolls?

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

"big idea" do you have that will be part of your platform?


8. What are your plans for the city's budget including taxes?

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

2. Bike lanes have become a topic in the last few weeks. Do you plan on implementing them on Jarvis, University and the other locations?

"I have a crazy idea for that. I put my books on the internet, anyone who wants to read them can. I've also thought about talking to certain media companies in Toronto and possibly doing a reality based TV show out of the mayor's office, which would bring tax revenue in terms of income in the city as well as allow people to see what's going on in city hall and figure out in 4 years whether or not they want that to continue."

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

"I believe crime starts from the top. It starts from the prosecutor's office, police office. The most important thing right now is to get guns and badges away from police officers who are criminals."

"A budget reform. It's time our city stop wasting dollars. Once our city has a surplus and we're not paying so much, we can grow exponentially. The subway can grow, everything can grow."

"It's already in motion. Can't stop something that's already in motion. Ultimately you got to build on it. Make it better as it's going. But it's a start, it's going to lead us somewhere, hopefully to a better future."

"100%. Nothing's better than concerts in the city. Art in the city. It's great way to bring in tourism and dollars."

7. How important is accountability while you are in office and how do you plan on monitoring this?

4. How do you feel about the crime level in Toronto? How do you plan on addressing it?

and how much they're getting paid. And then sort of assessing money to where it's needed more and reducing money where it's needed less. And if people aren't doing their job, it's time to find people to get them to start doing their job."

"Well we're going to look at who's in charge of cleaning up the city and looking at where the budget falls Nike Air Max 90 Womens Premium Grey Orange

"For them. Anything to clear congestion in the city. Maybe some of the ones that are in there right now are poorly planned. We're learning and in time we'll make it better."

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

than any other city in Canada. That's got to change. Obviously with the surplus coming, cutting taxes won't be difficult. The goal will be continuing to get the surplus while reducing taxes."

5. How do you plan on cleaning up the city?

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Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

9. What Nike Air Max 90 Essential White On Feet

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack

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