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Witness Colin Hughes, a joiner, said Tommy tried to stitch up Snowden in a car park cocaine handover in 2010.

The former pub owner whose nickname T bags was a reference to tenner bags of drugs was jailed for supplying cannabis in the early 1990s.

Tommy realised there was a big risk that Thomas would one day be confronted with his dad's drug conviction.

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A source said: "He said that he didn't want young Thomas tarred with the same brush because he had Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Red

"He told me he considered changing his son's second name to get away from that. That's why Tommy made sure he went to America for the golf scholarship."

Convicted drug dealer Lee McCarthy said Snowden planned to get Tommy shot and then Air Max 90 Red Black Grey

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Nike Air Max 90 Breathe Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Breathe Blue

frame Mark Sharkey Tommy's cousin's son for the murder.

He was a promising golfer who had just completed the second year of a coveted US scholarship in Georgia.

According to Hughes, Snowden said: "I'll get that bd. I'll pay him back for that."

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He gave Tommy 500 to hand over to the coke dealer.

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Stevens said that when Tommy returned he said: "Don't worry. That fg pk won't be coming through your door. I've sorted him out."

The jury heard he had barred Snowden from his pub before it opened, which meant, under the Pubwatch scheme, he would be barred Nike Air Max 90 Breathe Blue from all pubs in the town.

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the same name as him.

dark past forced him to consider surname change for son

Tommy handed over ten bags of samples as opposed to three or four, Snowden later told Hughes.

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Nike Air Max 90 Breathe Blue

In stark contrast, Thomas Jnr inhabited a different world.

The pair clashed again when Tommy tried to settle a 1200 cocaine debt run up by his niece. His half brother Ronald Stevens went to Tommy for help after his daughter Lynette found herself in the red with Snowden.

Asked if Tommy was the "big man" of the town given his involvement in drugs and nightclubs he replied: "Possibly, back in the day."

This meant Snowden would have been unable to claim the drugs were for "personal use" if he was caught.

TOMMY Sharkey was so worried his criminal past would be Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Mens

a stain on his golf starlet son's career that he considered changing Thomas Jnr's surname, the Record can reveal.

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