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Control, however, was still in the hands of the former bosses. The new chairman was Lord Hyndley, a former chairman of the largest group of private collieries, and there was no provision of miner representation on any of the NCB committees above pit level.

"If they are as conscientious in their work as they have been when working for private enterprise, then success is assured," he told a reporter. "We cannot expect Utopia just because we are nationalised. We shall Nike Air Max 90 Br Print still want regulations and a proper system of working.

The old owners were happy to get rid of unprofitable companies, received generous compensation, and were still able to exert some control over what the state now owned. Coal production rose over the next five years, because of increased productivity, but the miners weren't happy.

The coal industry has not fared so well. In 1984 there were 170 collieries today the figure is around a dozen.

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At Annesley Colliery, opened in 1865 and destined to be the oldest working mine in the county when it was closed 130 years later, they wheeled out another long serving employee. In a contemporary newspaper report, Mr H Turner was described as "a typical miner" and "an ardent trade unionist".

Dawn of a new era on the day that our pits fell into nation's hands

It began to unravel in the 1970s as Britain's economic fortunes slumped. The old nationalised industries were seen as too inefficient and too bureaucratic; unable to play the role of directing the economy that they had 30 years earlier.

The Economist commented shortly after Labour took office: "Support for the principle of public ownership of the mines is very wide, extending probably to two and a half of the three parties."

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Coal output in the UK is increasing and is an industry worth over billion a year to the UK economy.

In 1979 the Tories swept to power and began a programme of returning the major energy and transport utilities into private hands.

Charles Lawton of Noel Street, Hyson Green, thought the day was the perfect time to end his career. which had begun 56 years earlier.

The incredible story of coal production in Britain, which has been mined and traded since the days of the Magna Charta, still has more chapters to write.

Between 1947 and 1951 the coal industry was hit by 8,000 unofficial strikes.

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Nationalisation had been seen as the way to lead Britain out of its parlous financial state, drained by the war effort.

They had been starved of investment for many years, they were unprofitable, run by many companies which paid poor wages and had a bad record of industrial Nike Air Max 90 Green Yellow

He predicted great things for the new organisation.

By 1945 both were thoroughly dilapidated.

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some form of centralised control was necessary.

And H L Taylor, head lampman for BA Collieries Ltd, which owned Alfreton, Babbington, Birchwood, Broxtowe, Bulwell, Cinderhill, Newcastle and Tibshelf pits, said: "If everyone pulls their weight, the change over will be a good thing."

Yet coal currently provides 30% of the UK's electricity, a proportion which rises to 50% or more at peak periods in winter.

"Without a proper system nothing will go."

It came at a staggering cost. Compensation to colliery owners totalled million. Try that today and it would be nearer billion.

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And he warned that there would be some who would take advantage of public ownership to make "impossible demands".

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Banks were the first to be taken over, but the mines and the railways were two of the most important public utilities coal accounted for 90 percent of Britain's energy needs.

Even the mine owners recognised that Nike Air Max 90 For Sale

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comprising British Gas, British Telecom, the ten regional water companies and the 17 electricity supply or generation companies.

These long serving workers could be found at pits across Notts but would become a thing of the past when nationalisation brought in a realistic retirement age.

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