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cutting ideas to help tackle the rising costs

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The 27 year old from Hunters Bar cycles to Hillsborough where she works as a carer.

STUDENT Emily Jesson has come up with a corking way to save cash give up booze.

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Gwenaelle Ambuhl saddled up after growing sick of ever increasing public transport costs.

She said: "It Nike Air Max 90 Blue Red

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Civil servant Andrew Fisher, aged 40, said decorations were in the shops already, many of them on sale.

Check out the very latest Nike Air Max 90 Blue And Grey on South Yorkshire's roads including live traffic cameras on Sheffield's commuter routes with our Traffic section

BELTS are being tightened across South Yorkshire as the credit crunch and rising cost of living eats into our cash. Action Desk looks at what you can do to economise by asking the people who know best our readers. And we get expert advice on what to do if the crunch becomes a crisis that threatens the roof over your head.

costs me nothing but I've also found that because I'm healthier I actually eat less, which is also saving me money."

THE prize winner in any travel cost competition is always going to be cycling.

He added: "I'm normally last minute, but with such big discounts which are obviously needed to make us buy Christmas stuff in October it makes sense to spend a few pennies now and save pounds later."

Mike, of Derriman Glen, Ecclesall, is also looking for good mortgage deals for his two daughters, so there's "no danger of them moving back home".

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MIKE Coulthard believes in a disciplined approach to finance. The systems manager for HSBC puts much of his spending on credit cards which he pays off every month. That way the cash stays in his bank for up to 50 days before he "spends" it.

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