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Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

More than a year after unions launched two political style campaign groups attacking Wal Mart Stores Inc. for what they say are low wages and skimpy benefits, the language is turning meaner and more personal.

The group has a steering committee headed by former Atlanta mayor and civil rights leader Andrew Young, but the operations are run by a staff housed in Edelman offices.

gaining ground," Wal Mart spokeswoman Sarah Clark said. every week. We know many of them value the savings, the job opportunities and the charitable giving we provide their communities," Clark said.

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

At least one steering committee member, filmmaker Ron Galloway, said he would prefer the strategy to focus on the facts of Wal Mart's case.

Wal Mart's low wages, poor health benefits and destruction of local economies. Wal Mart says it creates jobs, provides low cost insurance for employees and saves the average family $2,300 a year by keeping prices low.

In a letter to Democratic members of congress about Wal Mart's efforts, WakeUpWalMart said the attacks were reminiscent of a campaign by a pro Bush group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, that questioned Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam War military record during the 2004 presidential race.

"When you get to the point where you have escalating blog wars, it gets to be a little like political ad campaign season. I use my remote to mute every single one of those ads," she said.

environmental goals and boosting diversity among employees and its sea of suppliers.

Experts say there is no clear winner yet in the public relations battle. Union groups decry what they call Air Max Pink 90

"It's a really bad idea. What companies need to do is to rise above the argument and set your own agenda," Argenti said.

critics slam each other on Web

The site is part of Wal Mart's aggressive defense since last year against its increasingly organized critics. lobbyists, formed the Working Families group and created another Web site called Wal Mart Facts."These great guys who love to stretch the truth (or what mom called liars) honed their special Wal Mart skills on an array of right wing political campaigns," the Web site reads.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. The brawl between Wal Mart and its union critics is escalating as groups on both sides, fighting over whether the world's largest retailer is good or bad, launched attack style Web sites maligning each other's motives and politics.

It has also launched a raft of initiatives, including adding more affordable health care plans for employees as low as $11 a month, adopting ambitious Nike Air Max Gold Tick

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

"At this point I would certainly say that we are Nike Air Max 90 Sale Size 7

Argenti said Wal Mart has gotten better at defending itself since last year.

"The jury is still out," said Paul Argenti, professor of corporate communication and reputation management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University.

Patricia Edwards, a portfolio manager and retail analyst at Wentworth, Hauser Violich in Seattle, which manages $8.2 billion in assets and holds 51,000 Wal Mart shares, said investors are getting tired of hearing the same arguments back and forth.

Wal Mart's Clark said Working Families for Wal Mart is a separate and independent group.

Both groups say they want to pressure Wal Mart into becoming a better employer, not run it out of Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens business.

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

"The company's latest move comes right out of the Swift Boat playbook. And it could become standard procedure for other corporations that find themselves in the center of public controversy," Silvers wrote in his blog Scatterbox. Silvers said neither he nor his firm, Denver based GBSM, Inc., do any work for the unions or Wal Mart.

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Womens

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