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But his announcement did little to placate the politicians.

Clement has waded into the battle between large and small companies before.

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But smaller providers were able to offer unlimited plans because they didn't pay by the gigabyte for the data they buy off the larger companies.

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from more people streaming larger amounts of video over the Nike Air Max 90 Mid

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He said despite what Clement might say about wanting a digital economy for Canada or wanting to encourage innovation and competition, the Industry Minister's not saying that to the CRTC.

He said that in 2009, Canadians used an average of 15.4 gigabytes per month.

CRTC will delay the change to Internet billing Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Grey practices for 60 days

"If an Internet service provider wants to offer unlimited access for a flat fee, they should be allowed to offer that in our marketplace. And what this CRTC decision was doing was eliminating that possibility and that's what we found unacceptable."

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"We are convinced that Internet services are no different than other public utilities and the vast majority of Internet users should not be asked to subsidize a small minority of heavy users," he told the committee.

Commission Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein told a House of Commons committee on Thursday that the introduction of usage based billing for wholesale customers will be delayed for at least 60 days beyond the proposed March 1 start date.

"For us, it is a question of fundamental fairness."

"If that was done, then there would very rarely be any reversal of CRTC decisions."

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But the Harper government says if the Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission comes back with the same plan, they will be overruled.

"This particular take by the CRTC on this policy is not acceptable to our government, so we are looking for a different approach," he added.

Internet. The practice especially for high definition video eats far more bandwidth.

Additional usage charges can be as much as $5 per GB for the cheapest plan, depending on the provider.

Von Finckenstein said the review will seek to verify that the decision protects customers and penalizes only the minority of people who are heavy consumers of Internet services.

Major companies like Bell and Rogers place a cap on how many gigabytes a person can download for a set fee, before additional charges are tacked on.

Last year, he asked the CRTC to review a 2008 decision that required big telephone network owners, such as Bell and Telus, to offer smaller wholesale companies the same Internet speeds that they offered.

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This will give the regulator time to review the decision after considerable public outcry. Von Finckenstein also noted that at least one telecommunications company had requested a delay because it wasn't ready to implement the new billing practice.

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But von Finckenstein estimated that only 500,000 Canadians use independent Internet service providers and an even smaller number than that would be considered heavy users who would be hit by the new rules.

"We believe there should be choice," Clement said.

Von Finckenstein insisted however that the decision to conduct a review wasn't made because of concerns raised by Industry Minister Tony Clement and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

not communicating that guidance to the CRTC so that it can make decisions that actually are in harmony with the government

The problem, said Liberal technology critic Marc Garneau is that the CRTC gets backed into a corner because they lack clear policy direction.

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While the CRTC is an arms length agency, the Broadcasting Act does give the cabinet power to overturn its decisions if it decides they are against broadcasting policy.

OTTAWA The CRTC will delay implementing its controversial ruling on Internet billing practices while it reviews the decision which raised hackles in the online community.

Some lower end high speed accounts offered by Canada's large ISPs offered almost double that per month.

Most residential Internet customers already have usage based billing.

Much of the outcry over the new billing practices pointed to extra charges that could stem Nike Air Max 90 Pink

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Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Grey

"Regardless of the outcome of the CRTC review, under a Conservative government this ruling will not be implemented," Industry Minister Tony Clement said.

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