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Simon Keens, 42, of Musters Road, said: "There's a perception that crime isn't as prevalent this side of the river.

"But the issues we do face things like thefts and burglaries are tackled as well.

The murder investigation continues.

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But West Bridgford has also faced rare moments of more serious crime.

Inspector Hallam said there were a number of reasons crime was low in West Bridgford.

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Nike Air Max 90 Black And Grey On Feet

In a Post survey of 100 people, 19 per cent named low crime as one of the best things about living or working in West Bridgford.

He said: "West Bridgford is quite a nice, affluent area, so the crime here isn't too bad.

"We have doubled the force average."

Police opened a murder inquiry after Archie McKelvie, 64, and his daughter Corrin Barker, 31, were found shot dead at Mr McKelvie's North Road home on Thursday, April 26. They were found by police investigating the identity of Corrin's mother Pauline Barker, 56, who was found dead in the River Trent on April 15.

So, crime goes up and the police are to blame for failing to tackle it; crime goes down and the police are to blame because they are so bad that no one bothers to report it.

But here's a thought to shake that simplistic warm and comforting complacency. West Nike Air Max 90 Black And Grey On Feet Bridgford is sufficiently affluent that almost everyone has insurance. Insurance companies won't pay out for burglaries unless there is a crime number. So why the 31.7% drop in reported burglaries? Have the good folk of West Bridgford given up claiming on their insurance?

It must be nice to always have someone to blame whatever happens. Comforting when you aren't too bright and it's a scary complicated world out there.

south of the Trent mainly because of the schools, but Nike Air Max 90 Red And Black White

Nike Air Max 90 Black And Grey On Feet

also because the crime rates are lower.

"People want to live Air Max 90 Ultra Essential' Sneaker (Women)

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Crime falls by nearly 30 per cent in West Bridgford

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"We do patrols, we spend time talking to people about security and we also use other techniques we have plain clothes officers and overt and covert surveillance, for example.

Inspector Hallam stressed the rarity of the incident and said it was important to reassure residents.

"I work as a mortgage adviser and I find a lot of people want to move to West Bridgford for those reasons.

The town's police force has also had further success, with the Trent Bridge ward losing its status as one of the worst areas for antisocial behaviour in the county.

"I think that made a lasting impression."

"I'll never forget the episode of Location, Location, Location a few years ago when Kirsty Allsop stood on Trent Bridge and explained that south of the river was a great place to live but that north of the river was not so good.

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Nike Air Max 90 Black And Grey On Feet

them the area is safe."

"It has been a really good year for us in terms of policing," he said. "The figures that have come out on crime have shown that in Rushcliffe, we have had a 16.3 per cent reduction of crime that's twice the reduction rate for Notts Police.

"We also do things such as neighbourhood alerts, making people aware if a crime has happened."

He said: "Now our job is to let the public know what has happened and reassure Air Max 90 Redwood

Inspector Phil Hallam, neighbourhood police inspector for Rushcliffe, said he was delighted with the fall in crime in West Bridgford and the surrounding area.

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