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an eight hour drive to get to the venue. We did that for a couple years and now we can't really do that anymore.

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Just music gear. It's really ridiculous. If you look at our apartment we still live in a crappy studio apartment in Manhattan, and at this point we're still using hard cases as furniture. There's just so much music gear. It's like swallowing my life.

Yeah man, you know, you're always surprised. We came from literally nothing into a whole lot of something, so every day is a surprise to us. We haven't been doing this long enough to really expect anything.

It's crazy. We did everything in our power to make sure it wouldn't be crazy, but it's inevitable.

Oh yeah. We did it last year and we played 10 shows in three days.

What's the coolest thing about being in a duo?

Saturday at Velvet Jones, 423 State St., Santa Barbara. Tickets are $19.25. The group also has shows tonight at the Glass House in Pomona and April 3 at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana.

Hey, it's Cults in Santa Barbara on Saturday night. It's not The Cult, so no Ian Astbury guitar activity. And it's not those other cults, either so don't expect any Branch Davidians. Cults is a duo out of Manhattan, with a beefed up touring band, and they're driving around in a big bus, sleeping 'til 3 if need be. The duo's self titled debut disc came out last year on mighty, mighty Columbia Records and praise was heaped upon their fresh approach to '60s era girl group Nike Air Max 90 Winter Premium Bronze

What's the strangest gig you guys ever played?

Yeah, it was like 6 in the morning and there was a bunch of people waiting outside the hotel. When we played, Madeline would just put her hand up in the air and everybody would scream and some were crying, and then she'd put her hand down and they'd stop. It was everything we wanted Japan to be that it didn't end up being.

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sounds. Saturday's show at Velvet Jones comes several months after their 805 debut a few blocks away at Muddy Waters.

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Hey, Brian. How's Cults' biz? Are you guys rich rock stars?

Cults play in Santa Barbara on March 24

people. When we're mixing, it's not like the drummer is going, "Turn it up, turn it up," or the bass player is going, "Turn my bass up, turn my bass up." Everyone's arguing all the time like in Nike Air Max 90 All Red all the other bands I've been in, but it's just the two of us and Madeline does the vocal stuff and helps out with the music a little bit. We each just kind of have our own little area so we don't bug each other too much.

It's always the one that's most recent in my mind and, recently, we played a show in Singapore where people were waiting for us at the airport with hand drawn portraits of us.

There's more to it than that. You get to see your good friends but I guess that's an excuse to drink in itself. Tonight we're doing a show that's being filmed for Carson Daly, so that's cool because my mom can see me on TV.

I guess the nicest thing about being in a duo is that we can make decisions really quickly because you only have to go through two Nike Air Max Collection

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I definitely think it's overrated. I'm not sure what you call it, but I believe in democracy with one person calling the shots, kind of like what we have here in the United States. You gotta nominate one person to be the shot caller, to settle the arguments and to have the last say because if that doesn't happen then nothing gets done.

Oblivion discussed the latest during a recent phoner from the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

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Yeah, but mostly it's just a s show and definitely not a place to go to enjoy bands. It's more of a place to go and hang out and get drunk with bands.

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Hate when that happens. So what's happening at SXSW? Is it just a glorified excuse to drink or is there more to it than that?

Are we rock stars here? No, not quite. I just spent the last two hours figuring out that my s is broke and there's no one to fix it.

What's the first thing you bought you couldn't afford before?

That's kind of already happened. Our secret is not really a secret at all. We've indulged ourselves by getting a bus, and that absolutely changes everything about touring. It makes you feel like you have a house everywhere you go. and do Womens Air Max 90

So in the music biz, democracy is overrated?

You guys have done SXSW before?

How do you guys survive on the road and keep from succumbing to whatever this week's rock 'n' roll evil is?

How's the album doing? Are you surprised by its success? You guys are in there with the big dogs, signed to Columbia Records.

(Laughing) Not only is that a funny line, man, but that would be a great title for a song or even an album maybe.

Excellent. It doesn't get much better than that.

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Wow. That's like a job. But is it just an excuse to drink with you guys as the soundtrack, or is there more to it than that?

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