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The private sector only has a toehold in the Welsh health service, but it's a scabby parasitic toehold. The NHS trains all the nurses and doctors currently working in the private sector we're subsidising the private sector with this training. If any NHS personnel want to work in a private hospital, the cost of training should be paid by the private sector. The private parasites could be closed overnight and their facilities taken over by the NHS to provide extra care in the public sector. Nike Air Max 90 2015 Women That would prevent NHS consultants from moonlighting and doubling their money in private practice.

Most had had enough and wanted to return to Poland: the FW office has helped hundreds of people to find their passports and identity cards enabling them to leave their Agency and return home and we continue to help on a daily basis.

Trade union activists on the local trades council are also planning solidarity work with the town's other migrant workers thought to number up to 2,000 and mainly working in the food manufacturing sector, where casual labour and low pay is rife.

It's only been revealed thanks to the Freedom of Information Act and good journalistic digging by Martin Shipton of the Western Mail. He found that, despite promises made by Rhodri Morgan and Education Minister Jane Davidson, it was never intended that every child would benefit.

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The GMB is leafletting APB along with FW members next Thursday (27 January) with special GMB leaflets in Polish and copies of workers' rights leaflets in Polish, Chinese and Portuguese during the morning shift change. We have to be there for 6.30am the more people the better. Please do let as many people know as possible and if you require a lift or more details do telephone the FW office on 01978 364334.

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news that Labour's Assembly government perpetrated a gigantic con on the electorate with its flagship promise of free breakfasts for every primary school pupil is no surprise.

The local Evening Leader last night highlighted the plight of one group of 30 Polish workers who were sharing one small terraced house in Penycae and each paying the agency 56 for the privilege. Many end up on less than 3 an hour after such deductions by the agency.

Socialists and trade unionists in Wrexham are organising solidarity with migrant workers being exploited by agencies and cut throat landlords.

Ten days later the same official wrote a report stating that in a "worst case scenario", the cost of the scheme across Wales would be 81.75m by 2006.

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The series of documents, which demonstrate massive confusion among the policy makers over the scheme's cost, also show how:

Let's develop nursing expertise to take more responsibility in treating cases. Let's utilise beds, theatres and wards in the evenings and weekends it's a scandal that expensive theatres are not operating at full capacity in the current situation.

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The Forward Wales constituency office has been inundated with requests for help from migrant workers living in Wrexham: mainly working at ABP food plant in Ellesmere. The majority of people that have sought help have been Polish.

Four months after the May 2003 Assembly elections, a senior Assembly Government official asked to draw up detailed costings admitted that his figures were "at best . only back of the envelope calculations". He went on to suggest that a pilot project covering all 360 primary schools in low income Communities First areas might cost as little as 1.5m in 2004 05, assuming each meal cost 1.50.

The National Audit Office's report on the NHS was damning but offers no political solution. Labour in Wales has had some residual resistance to backdoor privatisation (aka Private Finance Initiatives) in the NHS with the exceptions of the Chepstow and Neath hospitals. This is now being touted by Blairite MPs as the solution for Wales.

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The day after that, a Cabinet special adviser wrote back to the official providing a wholly new set of calculations, with the cost per meal reduced to 55p.

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These calculations assume a starting cost for each meal of 1.25, rising to 1.40 by 2006.

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When the First Minister promised free breakfasts "on a universal basis", his "16m scheme" was based on an assumed take up rate of just 11% one child in 10.

According to the most recent estimate, the cost per meal is down to a mere 30p.

trade unions are taking action.

But far more radical surgery is needed to enable us to have a health service that deals with the problems we face. For a start we need more doctors, dentists and nursing experts in the community let's have a Cuban style health revolution where there's a GP for every 700 patients rather than every 2,100 as in Wales.

Polish and Czech workers started coming to the office after learning that John Marek, the Forward Wales AM, is a Czech speaker and himself the son of a Czech immigrant.

Unfortunately, new workers continue to come to Wrexham, pursuing the promises of decent accommodation and well paid jobs. Many leave in tears, with experiences of sharing beds in shifts and working 40 hour weeks for less than 75 a week. Many are too frightened to talk in case of repercussions people have said that they are treated like slaves and one Polish man said: "I think human life is cheap here inRather than wait for local Labour politicians to stand up and add their insincere words of concern when clearly Nike Air Max 90 Gold

MORE than 300,000 people in Wales are on NHS waiting lists one in 10 of the population. This sobering statistic is a stunning indictment of Labour's failure to deal with the Welsh health crisis and also the poor health of the nation generally.

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it is a Labour government that has allowed the exploitation of migrant workers in Britain the Tories could not have done a better job socialists and Nike Air Max 90 Grey And Orange

Labour can't deliver a health revolution in Wales this should be the priority of any genuine alternative to the ruling pink Tories.

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Poverty, poor housing, heavy industry, poor diet and environmental pollution have contributed to create a population with an unenviable list of bad health heart disease, cancer and respiratory problems are all higher in Wales than most other Western European nations. Welsh communities in the Valleys overwhelmingly working class regularly feature in the top 10 of areas on disability benefit.

Health is directly related to wealth the rich of the Home Counties of England live ten years longer than the poor working class of Glasgow, Newcastle and Blaenau Gwent.

The Assembly Government has often stated that it is taking a long term view on waiting lists opting to tackle the causes of ill health rather than the symptoms. All very New Labour. It's now exposed as spin over substance as the health service in Wales grinds to a halt because beds are blocked by long term patients and waiting lists grow ever longer.

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Labour lied about WMDs. Now it's lying about the most trivial things it can't deliver. what we need is not gimmicks to win elections but radical moves to improve our kids' health and education.

Cymru Fach

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