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Capt. Cutler says that he has no plans to retire to Florida or some other warm place. Ramea has been his home since his birth and he is remaining here to serve his community as a lay reader in the Anglican Church and as both Past Master of the local Orange lodge and the Provincial Grand Master and as a member of the local co op and the ferry committee.

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Capt. Cutler has little to say about this event except that no lives were lost and the evacuation of the vessel went smoothly because the sea was calm.

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Capt. Cutler says that around 1980, the road from Burgeo to the Trans Canada Highway was opened and transport shifted quickly from the coaster vessels to the road. The Ramea fish plant started to ship its products by trucks. People bought many cars and wanted to travel to Corner Brook and beyond. The provincial government took over the ferry service and brought the Sound of Islay over from Scotland.

John Penney and Sons then obtained the contract for their vessel Senator Penney and the company hired both Cutlers. Capt. Cutler says that over the course of the years he went to school in winter to obtain his various certificates. He worked as a deckhand then relieved Grey Air Max 90 the cook and the engineer and eventually after having obtained his papers as Master, took turns with his father as Captain of the vessel.

In 1986 the Gallipoli was put into service on the ferry route and Capt. Cutler was captain on her until he retired in March 2008. He says the years just flew by.

Captain Leslie Cutler retired from his position as Master of the MV Gallipoli at the end of March. Nike Air Max 90 Black And Red

crossing the North American continent. His daughter is a travel consultant. His second daughter is in the automotive business.

started to work with his father. Capt. Cutler says that they delivered coal from Cape Breton to communities all along the southern coast of Newfoundland, from Port aux Basques to Merasheen Island in Placentia Bay.

When his father retired, Capt. Cutler became captain of the Sound of Islay, which soon turned out to be too small for the all traffic. At that time Ramea had about 1,400 residents and a large fish plant that operated at full tilt.

He says he never had any doubt about what he wanted to do with his life and never had any regrets about his choice. He decided as a small boy to become a captain just like his father and he achieved that.

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Capt. Cutler's children are all involved in occupations having to do with traveling although none of them became a mariner. One of his sons is a long distance truck driver, criss Air Max 90 Black And Grey Camo

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The Isabel Susanne was lost on Dec. 5, 1970. It was a very calm but also very cold day and there was new ice in Grey River harbour. New ice can cut like glass and although the Isabel Susanne had her bow protected by greenheart, in her turning she received cuts in the planking on her sides. The boat took on water and sank just outside of Grey River.

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In the mid 1960s, the outport of Grey River petitioned the provincial government for a ferry service and the government decided to subsidize such a service between Grey River, Ramea and Burgeo. The senior Capt. Cutler put in a bid and was awarded the contract. When the Cutlers bought the ship, they had it converted to be suitable for the coal trade and after they won the contract the vessel had to be refitted for the ferry service.

The elder Capt. Cutler soon went into business for himself with a sailing schooner and when his son was 18 he Nike Air Max 90 Mesh Grey

While there is probably no life without a share of disappointments and worries, Capt. Cutler's life was one that other people especially those with dull jobs may well envy.

Cutler retires as Gallipoli captain

His father worked first in Ramea for company of John Penney and Sons. He was in charge of the vessels that brought fish offal from the plant in Ramea to the fish plant in Burgeo where it was processed into fishmeal. At that time, Ramea residents who wanted to go to the cottage hospital in Burgeo could get a ride on these company vessels.

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