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They make it impossible for cartels to exclude competition, in the same way they make it (theoretically) impossible for governments to prosecute distribution.

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Even us not being experts. Can you honestly say you haven heard of the destructive and violent effects of drug cartels in the US? Gang wars, turf wars, incarceration due to drug possession, etc.

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Unfortunately you still need the cartels to get the drugs into the US which is where they make most of their money anyways. I imagine parcels from Colombia, Peru, or Afghanistan are not likely to fly under the radar.

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How so? I not an expert, but it seems most of the violence is concentrated in Mexico near the border as cartels battle for prime smuggling territory.

As far as I concerned, all of these drug markets are an absolutely fucking wonderful thing for society. Even if you think drugs should be illegal, incredibly violent cartels still exist. Markets like Silk Road can take all their power away.100,000 people have died so far in the 8 year Mexican Drug War. What if you wrong? What if there a better way? 2 lives gone and nothing to show for it. In reality, it pretty likely that he just went a bit fucking crazy. The point is that the creation of Silk Road was likely with the goal of changing the world for Green Nike Air Max 90 the better, and I can absolutely see that happening. Now theres not only a new DPR, but a slew of new Silk Roads to replace him.

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the cartels? Don they give the cartels a larger consumer base to sell to?

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I don know about drugs on silk road but I never heard of people cultivating coca, poppies, or sassafras trees for drugs in the United States. That three major drugs right there (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy).

Smuggling doesn benefit from more people the way that violence does.

Dark net drug markets kept alive

Can you show me where you getting the data that most silk road drugs are coming from cartels?

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Yes, but the comment I replied to claimed he was "ultimately concerned with the total human condition." I saying he isn or is at minimum a hypocrite.

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I still use reiserfs on my drives, ever after knowing Hans Reiser is a murderer. Doesn make his contributions any less valid.

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