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i. all pest control

Damage clauses

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Premises by turning off water, electricity, or gas if necessary.

or broken into.

Sounds all well and good but I just do not see it flying in the real world based on my experience.

this clause in a contract.

g.) Not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of the premises or knowingly permit any person to do so;

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a.) When sanitary napkins, garbage, grease, or foreign or harmful substances are placed into plumbing receptacles.

We had at one point a 10 dollar a day late penalty built in. All repairs and maintenance that Landlord is responsible for shall be done at Landlord's sole discretion. Tenant agrees to keep the premises in a clean and good condition at all times and to repair the premises or property. When damage is caused by misuse or neglect, rather than as a consequence solely of normal and reasonable wear.

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I have examined many leases and I have never seen an expressed complete clause whereby the tenant damages the property and the landlord receives compensation immediately. I do not want to wait till they vacate and have to make due with the forfeited deposit. Below is a clause that I have adapted from various contracts, and added stuff of my own. Please critique it, and let me know what you all write to protect yourselves. I have not yet used Nike Air Max Bw Ultra Red

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Damage to the Premises must be reported to the Landlord so that repairs can be commenced by the Landlord at his earliest convenience and discretion. The Tenant agrees to financially compensate the landlord for any repairs that are made to the Premises for damages that occur due to the Tenant's act, omission, or neglect of the Premises. In the event of an unforeseen occurrence the Tenant agrees to mitigate damage to the Nike Air Max 90 Winter Grey

c.) When damage is caused by wind, rain, or other elements from leaving windows open or by the overflow of water in the property.

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d.) When and if the premises are burglarized Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Independence Day Black

v. If Tenant fails to make repairs or replacement, Landlord may do so at Tenant's expense and charge Tenant the cost of the repair or replacement as added rent which shall be due and payable under the terms and conditions of normal rent.

iii. any broken glass, no matter how it gets broken

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ii. snow removal

The Tenant agrees to keep the Premises, together with the fixtures, furniture, and appurtenances therein, in a clean and sanitary condition, in good repair, and free from vermin and rodents at the Tenant's expense. The Tenant shall return upon expiration or termination by any other means of this Lease the Premises to the Landlord in the same condition as at the date of the execution of this Lease, except for reasonable wear or alterations or repairs by the Landlord. Tenant agrees to keep all appliances furnished by the Landlord in good condition, except for ordinary wear from careful usage on the part of the Tenant.

In the event the Premises is not maintained in this manner by the Tenant the Landlord may enter the Premises and return it to good condition and the Tenant agrees to pay the expenses of the Landlord in so doing in addition to the rent agreed to herein.

iv. any broken door or lock including storm doors, no matter how it gets broken. Replacement of broken glass, doors or locks in the home is Tenant responsibility.

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e.) Tenant agrees to be responsible for the cost Air Max Womens 90 of:

This is why you have to buy really low to compensate for the years of repairs a landlord will make from tenant abuse. Even if you stick this in your lease agreement a judge might throw that part out as EXCESSIVE at the eviction hearing.

b.) When damage results from activities or actions, which violate this agreement by Tenant or Tenant guest(s).

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