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desire to show the continuity of the papacy, despite different personalities, priorities and politics.

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"In 1982 he came to Gabon and when he arrived he kissed the ground and told us to 'Get up, go forward and be not afraid,'" she recalled as she rested against a pallet of water bottles. "When we heard he was going to be canonized, we got up."

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Benedict had promised to remain "hidden from the world" after resigning last year, but Francis has coaxed him out of retirement and urged him to take part in the public life of the church.

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those who arrived first at St. Peter's had camped out overnight nearby on air mattresses and sleeping pads. Others hadn't slept at all and took part in the all night prayer vigils hosted at a dozen churches in downtown Rome.

Italy's interior ministry predicted 1 million people would watch the Mass from the square, the streets surrounding it and nearby piazzas where giant TV screens were set up to accommodate the crowds eager to follow along.

Pope John XIII, who reigned from 1958 1963, is a hero to liberal Catholics for having convened the Second Vatican Council. The meetings brought the church into the modern era by allowing Mass to be celebrated in local languages rather than Latin and by encouraging greater dialogue with people of other faiths, particularly Jews.

The Vatican on Saturday ended weeks of speculation and confirmed that Benedict would indeed participate in the canonization.

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cumulative lack of sleep unlike the rollicking party atmosphere of John Paul's May 2011 beatification when bands of young people sang and danced in the hours before the Mass.

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During his quarter century papacy from 1978 2005, John Paul II helped topple communism through his support of Poland's Solidarity movement. His globe trotting papacy and launch of the wildly popular World Youth Days invigorated a new generation of Catholics, while his defence of core church teaching heartened conservatives after the turbulent 1960s.

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"John Paul was our pope," said Therese Andjoua, a 49 year old nurse who travelled from Libreville, Gabon, with some 300 other pilgrims to attend. She sported a traditional African dress bearing the images of the two new saints.

"Four popes in one ceremony is a fantastic thing to see and to be at, because it Air Max 90 Woven 2016 is history being written in our sight," marveled one of the visiting Poles, David Halfar. "It is wonderful to be a part in this and to live all of this."

By mid morning, the scene in the square was quiet and subdued perhaps due to the chilly grey skies and Air Max 90 Ultra Br Grey

By the time the ceremony began, Via della Conciliazione, the main boulevard leading from the square, nearby streets and the bridges across the Tiber River were packed.

In a dress rehearsal of sorts, Benedict attended the February ceremony in which Francis installed 19 new cardinals. But celebrating Mass together with Francis is something else entirely, a first for the 2,000 year old institution and a reflection of his Womens Nike Shoes Air Max 90

VATICAN CITY Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the Vatican on Sunday for a historic day of four popes, with Francis and Benedict XVI honouring their predecessors John XXIII and John Paul II and declaring them saints in the first ever canonization of two pontiffs.

current and former Pope preside over ceremony

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While the ceremony itself was remarkable, it was Benedict's presence that added to its historic nature: Never before has a reigning and retired pope celebrated Mass together in public, much less an event honouring two of their most famous predecessors.

Benedict, 87, arrived in St. Peter's Square on his own to cheers and applause from the crowd. Wearing white vestments and white bishops' miter, he took his seat off to the side with other cardinals but stood to greet Italy's president as he arrived for the Mass.

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Benedict's presence was also a reflection of the balancing act that Francis envisioned when he decided to canonize John and John Paul together, showing the unity of the Catholic Church by honouring popes beloved to conservatives and progressives alike.

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Polish pilgrims carrying the red and white flags of John Paul's beloved homeland had been among the first to push into the square well before sunrise, as the human chains of neon vested civil protection workers trying to maintain order finally gave up and let them in.

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