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Companies such as PlanetIQ and GeoOptics are planning vast networks of low cost satellites that would gather data relevant to weather and climate forecasting, and then sell that data to governments and other companies. So far, NOAA has spurned the idea of purchasing their data, citing concerns about its accuracy, reliability and liability should the satellites fail.

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for at least 1 year, Air Max 90 Green And Grey

According to the amended bill that passed the committee, it would be up to NOAA's leaders to decide how to interpret the bill's language, particularly the meaning of making "weather related activities" the top priority throughout the agency, from the National Weather Service to the National Ocean Service.

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starting in 2017, when the lifetime of the youngest satellite is exceeded before a replacement will be available.

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The language in the bill was significantly altered from when it was originally introduced in July. At the time, Democrats on the Science Committee argued that the bill as introduced would have boosted support for NOAA's weather programs at the expense of its climate and oceans science programs. Since then, the American Meteorological Society, National Academy of Sciences, and the Weather Coalition, among others, worked to make changes to the bill.

The bill also seeks to address an upcoming gap in polar orbiting satellite coverage due to delays and cost overruns affecting the next generation of satellites. Air Max 90 Atmos Duck Camo

(MORE: 'Major and Rapid' Climate Changes Happening NOW)

The current lead time for tornadoes nationwide is about 14 minutes, and many meteorologists believe that technological advancements could allow that time to be significantly increased. However, some social science research has shown that with lead times of longer than about 30 minutes, people may not respond appropriately to the danger. Instead they may delay seeking protective cover.

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Critical Weather Forecasting Bill Moves One Step Closer

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Bridenstine said he intends to push for the bill to be brought up by the full House during the remainder of the current congressional session.

Under the amended bill, Rep. Bonamici said, ". . . weather research is strengthened, but not at the expense of other important work."

The bill, known as the "Weather Forecasting Improvement Act," now heads to the full House for consideration. If it passes, and there are no guarantees given the small window left in the legislative calendar, it would be the first broadly Nike Air Max 90 Iron Metallic Red Bronze Gold

focused weather bill to be enacted by Congress since the mid 1990s.

In a press release, Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine, who represents tornado prone Tulsa, Okla., touted the bill's creation of a program that would seek to extend tornado forecasts and warnings. "The passage of this bill out of the Science Committee is a victory for Oklahomans and all Americans who live in tornado prone areas," he said.

The bill would establish a research program within the National Oceanic Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Black/Black-white and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to extend the lead time for tornado warnings beyond 1 hour, and contains provisions aimed at closing the performance gaps between the agency's weather forecasting computer models and those of other nations.

A major weather bill that would elevate critical weather forecasting within the nation's oceans, climate, and weather agency got one step closer to reality on Thursday as the House Science Committee approved it.

The bill would direct NOAA to submit a report assessing the commercial opportunities for securing cost effective, space based weather observations.

In implementing the bill, NOAA could assert that climate and oceans research is essential for predicting the weather, and therefore major changes in the agency's programs are not required. The original bill had directly stated that weather forecasting must be NOAA's "top priority."

The bill passed by voice vote with bipartisan support and was co sponsored by Bridenstine and Democratic Rep. Susan Bonamici of Oregon. It comes in response to a record number of billion dollar weather events in 2011, including a devastating tornado season, as well as Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which caused upward of $70 billion in damage. computer modeling capabilities compared to the European Union and Japan. model.

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