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His father related how Thomas had survived drowning twice before, once at age 18 months when he was rescued from a sump in Walkley, and again at nine years old when he was Air Max 90 Neon Yellow

He commented: "It is simply disgusting how people in this district are turning out this sort of talk absolutely regardless of anybody or anything."

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Remarkably, one Sheffield man, 18 year old Thomas Boulton Bishop, an assistant cook employed on the boat, survived the wreckage by jumping overboard.

Later in the month, Sir William Clegg, a renowned former footballer, council leader and solicitor, observed in court that no fewer than nine cases had been heard within one morning of people using "abusive and filthy language".

The woman was pulled down by the suction caused by the sinking ship but Bishop clung on and awaited rescue.

They had been drinking in Millhouses on the Monday evening and when they left the pub had blocked the pavement to "respectable people" and used "bad language".

On the Friday morning before the Whitsuntide weekend the Empress of Ireland liner was struck by another ship, the Storstad, near Quebec, and sank, killing 1,012 of the 1,477 passengers.

had struck both at home and abroad.

The editorial recounted a parable of sorts about a preacher who could find no other words about his love of God than swear words, thinly veiling some very bad language itself. Racy stuff for the time.

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On the other hand, of course, the holiday atmosphere influenced some degree of misrule, and the courts had a busy day asthey sat on Wednesday.

When the police arrived on the scene, they were "badly kicked and knocked about" by the brothers before the situation was brought under control.

Events like these lend themselves to the notion of a long, idyllic summer of peace that was then shattered by war.

The disaster, known as Canada's Titanic, took the lives of several Sheffield people, notably A Gordon Maginnis, one of the directors of Mappin and Webb.

to an excess of vice than a defect of vocabulary".

In the month that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, which for many historians of the First World War represents the opening shot of that conflict, Sheffield was opening its summer festivities.

In grim details, he describes how "several times I swam towards what appeared to be wreckage, only to find that it was a dead body". He survived the freezing waters for an hour before finding a lifeboat.

A man who had been refused a serving of tripe 'on credit' attacked the Gleadless tripe dealer with a vinegar bottle, resulting in a citizen's arrest by said dealer, who had to have stitches for his wounded head.

On the Saturday, the day after the ship sank, a mine in Birdwell, Barnsley collapsed, killing 11 men. According to the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, "there was a roar, a blinding flash, a rush of poisonous air; in a space of time which probably did not exceed five seconds 11 men perished at the coal face; homes in the mining villages of High Green, Hoyland Common, Warncliffe Silkstone, and Birdwell were left without bread winners, women were widowed, and children orphaned".

Dark days and lighter moments in Sheffield on eve of war

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Yet the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, not known for liberalism, had other ideas on the matter. Its editorial comment claimed that Clegg's campaign would not succeed, arguing that swearing was usually "due not Air Max 90 Mid Winter Dark Loden

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For South Yorkshire, as for the rest of Edwardian Britain, Whitsuntide was a special occasion, a day of the year that 'really mattered'.

He was determined to hand out heavy fines in order to stamp out the evil.

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Sheffield grieved for the dead from a maritime disaster and from the collapse of a colliery near Barnsley.

Sheffield's loss of a number of its former residents speaks of the extent of economic migration to Canada. Travelling members of the Salvation Army, a mining engineer, a farmer and a saw mill worker, all originally from Sheffield, were among the drowned.

Young choristers singing from the hollow of the park's wooded slopes created the effect of a natural amphitheatre. They recited the Lord's Prayer and songs such as Lydia and Hallelujah! Song of Triumph, the latter of which was composed by one of the day's spectators, W J Denman of Manchester.

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While it had been a typically happy and high spirited Whit weekend for many in the city, tragedy Nike Air Max 90 Red Black And White

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pulled from a Manchester Ship Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Red Canal lock in Warrington by the lock keeper. A very lucky man indeed!

Similarly, after festivities on Whit Monday, two brothers, Edward and Richard Walton, were sent to prison for 28 days and fined 1.

The tripe shopkeeper, Edwin Ward, said in court how he had explained to the man he "paid for his stuff and expected his customers to do the same", before being assaulted and then giving chase to his assailant.

A good swimmer, he leapt into the water, which was teeming with struggling bodies, managing to finally catch hold of an oar to which a woman, tragically holding her dead baby, was clinging.

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