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This morning, when I turned on my machine, I heard a crackling sound at the back of my case. It was quite audible but faded away within minutes, most likely due to some elements that finally warmed up. Same happened a while ago, when I turned it on, after I came home from work.

If that doesn't do anything, with the mains switch off at the wall, but the unit still plugged in and earthed, grab the big bundle of cables and wiggle it quite firmly but not violently.

It's not a very scientific test, but if the PSU is on its way out you might accelerate it's death. The overvoltage protection means that it's very rare other components will die when the PSU gives up, Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey but I wouldn't blame you Air Max 90 Blue Fox

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

As if that is not enough, I can see that it is now 3.5 years old well past its 3 year warranty

I would swap out the PSU if it's feasible or take the thing to a repair outfit.

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

Hmm. It sound like a big moth flapping its wings, if you can imagine one, so no "zzzt", more soundless flapping of wings. And no smell of smoke, so far.

I do indeed need to clean the dust, although it is not exactly all that dusty inside the case, but maybe some got sucked into the power supply.

crackling sound.

It's also possible things are overheating and burning up due to dust have you taken an air compressor or canned air to this PC recently?

I left it powered off for 2 hours, before cleaning the case, and then pulled on the cables like asked, and this time the crackling sound was not there. Wonder if my cleaning helped? Will post an update when I do another cold boot in the morning.

compressed air, best I could do was to blow air through the fans. I could actually see some dust left inside, so will need the compressed air after all.

Good day to you all!

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

They should all be well soldered into the main PCB inside the PSU and also cable tied to the outer casing too. By wiggling it around a bit what you are doing is gently flexing the PCB and aggravating any stretched, dry or cracked solder joints.

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Grey

So what do you gather, scrap this and buy a new one, or is it still usable?Have you moved the PC or changed any components recently?

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Define "crackling sound" is it like a shorted wall socket or a bug zapper? A faint "crakcrakcrak" or "zztzztzzt" sound? If it's just some coil whine it's nothing particularly dangerous, but if it's a clicky poppy arcing sound you'd best find the problem. Has there been any smoke odor?

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Conspicuous arcing/popping sounds usually mean there's a short or dying component somewhere. The PSU is the likeliest (though not only) spot for that.

But yeah. I'll open it at the next cold boot and try to find out what makes the Nike Air Max 90 Br Silhouette

And dammit, why is it about to die after 3.5 years.

EDIT: No, i haven't done anything significant to it lately.

+1 for attacking the PSU with a can of compressed air first, just in case it is dust.

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Crackling sound at startup

if you unplugged your SSD(s), data drives and graphics card(s). I assume you make backups of your data already, but if you don't "my PSU might be about to die" is probably a very good time to start making themKudos for reminding about backing up, haven't done that for a while!

Frankly, I am tired of this Sonata II case now, too cramped, too hot, too much dust. So I ordered A Fractal Design Arc Midi today, one I kept watching and hoping to buy for weeks!

Now I read a thread here with similar problems and many seemed to agree that it was most likely the power supply. I did not really open my case and try to find the source of that crackling sound, but it feels like it is my power supply.

I did open the case, vacuumed most of the dust and due to lack of Air Max 90 Yellow Black White

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