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Ms. Stratton explained many artists are self taught and not familiar with how to price their work. Even formally trained crafts people often don't have business skills, she added.

Crafters learn about pricing their work

"The craft industry is huge in our area," said Mrs. Brownrigg.

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Brenda Stratton, craft development consultant with the Department of Innovation Trade and Rural Development, facilitated the workshop. Ms. Stratton works with crafts people and non profit groups to assist them in developing their businesses.

Patsy Brownrigg is the economic development officer at the Marine and Mountain Zone Corporation. In June, the corporation and Department of Innovation Trade and Rural Development met with crafters and business people.

Austin Clarke from Rose Blanche makes pendants and broaches from Nike Air Max 90 2014 Women Purple

Those in attendance included wood carvers, textile and folk artists and people who sell crafts.

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"It's basically putting a tag on your work in terms of getting the information on the history of your work and how long you've been doing it," Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Black

said Mrs. Brownrigg.

appropriate prices.

bone. He went to the workshop to find learn about Nike Air Max Dark Storm

"Bone and antler is good to work with and there's plenty of material," he said.

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"They identified that pricing a product was very difficult," said Mrs. Brownrigg. "It was very difficult for the crafts person and it was also very difficult for the retail person to know how much to charge."

She said crafts are an important part of Newfoundland's economy, and it's important to sustain that. People who Air Max 90 Ultra Breeze come to this area want to see local crafts, according to Mrs. Brownrigg.

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Air Max 90 Ultra Breeze

"I learned that I'm under pricing myself," said Mr. Clarke. He also learned he can sell his work in local craft shops.

The Marine and Mountain Zone Corporation and Department of Innovation Trade and Rural Development will have another workshop in the coming months. Mrs. Brownrigg sad the next will be about artists tagging their work.

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Mr. Clarke has been in the business for a number of years. Before using bone and antler to do his work, he made silver jewelry. He then met people who do antler carvings and decided to try.

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