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this is a shame, animals are running out of habitat and food and water sources in the county, so Air Max 90 Tinker Hatfield

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"You don't see them, but they are there," O'Brien said.

Sans a backpack or books, the four legged prowler made its way into the school's courtyard and football field without causing any damage but providing entertainment for students. She devised a plan to get the coyote out of the courtyard without subduing it with tranquilizer darts.

It wasn't aggressive, either.

Coyote causes stir at Casper high school

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"He probably chased one in and couldn't get out," he said.

A coyote made an unexpected visit to Kelly Walsh High School in Casper on Monday morning.

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Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Navy

Known for their stealthy nature, coyotes are seldom seen by humans in downtown Casper and the surrounding areas during the day. The North Platte River, hiking and biking trails, wildlife and human food can lure wild animals into populated areas, O'Brien said.

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they are straying ever closer to town. i have seen so far this year, a moose, pronghorn, antilope, fox, deer , coyotes, and more all within a stones throw of town. the business parks, and subdivions by the river and streams together with harsh dry summers is hurting wildlife. Air Max 90 Vt Midnight Fog

"I was down in its face poking at it with a catch pole and he didn't even growl his teeth at me," O'Brien said.

On the third try, the coyote escaped the courtyard and darted onto the football field at Harry Geldien Stadium.

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Band students were just preparing to practice their repertoire on the field.

"The kids would get yelled at and go back inside," O'Brien said. "No one was in danger."

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Just like the students at Kelly Walsh, the out of place animal was in his teens [in canine years], O'Brien said.

this has never been even talked about in any meetings of either city or county. This does need to be addressed because of cats and small dogs that Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Navy are in your yards. with winter fast approaching they are looking to store up on food and find places to nunker down in. Without these much needed things, they will be looking for openings in garages, barns, hey stacks, and wood piles. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

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"He went and tried to score a couple of touchdowns," Scott Winter, an assistant principal at Kelly Walsh, said of the coyote.

There's a steady population of rabbits a favorite food of coyotes in the Kelly Walsh courtyard, Winter said.

The animal ran under the bleachers and waited for the students to leave the area. When the coast was clear, he left the Kelly Walsh campus.

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Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Navy

The courtyard has one entrance/exit, so she directed the animal along the walls by prodding it with the handle of a net. There were two instances where she had the coyote near the exit, but students walked in front of the chain link gate, scaring the coyote.

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