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Is the bank required to give a credit for the dishwasher and damage? Property is sold "as is" of course (it is a Freddie Mac property) but it was not in THIS condition when I made the offer.

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I am assuming banks have insurance on these properties, but I do not know what this insurance covers.

not offer credit or replacement of any such items if deemed missing, damaged or non operational at time of closing.

What I did was strike out "missing" and "non operational" from the addendum, but my agent doubts they will accept my offer like this.

Like others have said, you can always ask. The worse the bank can do is say, "No!". But ya never know, they may help out.

I could try lowering my bid, but would not expect them to take the offer at much of a lower price due to heavy competition.

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There is nothing lost by trying to get a price adjustment or repair credit of some sort at most you lose the time and the effort in trying.

I got a similar concern. I put an offer in today on a REO that had some very nice appliances (stainless refrig/stove and new washer/dryer) as well as a new A/C unit. My offer price was based on the property having these nicer appliances and new A/C.

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Try and see if they will give a credit or price reduction on it.

I told agent about this and she said shes going to look into it, she said a guy found a dead body in one of their REOs recently.

I wouldn make an issue of it at all and would instead secure the property so that no more damage is done. Your job is to establish a relationship with the listing agent so that you can do more deals. You don want to be a pain in the a$$ over what you see as "principle" and the bank sees as a minor issue being overblown.

Locks do usually get changed. But some weird things also happen. I was in one REO a few months back where apparently the previous owner left a key in the mailbox; turns out that key functioned to open the dead bolt lock on the backdoor, but no other locks (not even the backdoor doorknob lock). And on Memorial Day I was in another REO that needed no lockbox combo to get in none of the locks on either the front door or back door were able to engage into the door frame!

I am close to buying an REO property that is close to closing. I did a recent walk through and discovered that someone removed the dishwasher and damaged the cover of an in wall A/C unit. It didn appear to be a forced entry , but who knows who has access. Do banks typically change the locks on the properties once homeowner loses it? I doubt it right?

Have other people had similar things happen?

Here in NJ a standard contract will contain a clause (can remember the term) that states that the bank is not responsible for any damage done to the property between the signing of the contracts and the closing. Air Max 90 Sneakerboot Blue Thus, we usually secure the property pretty well AND change the locks.

They absolutely change the locksets once they come into posession of the property. It might have been the banks vendor, or someone else w/ access to the lockbox. Or if its a common code, its pretty easy to walk up to a REO and one of 5 codes will work (at least here in CO).

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offer a credit. It took a while to just hear back from them so closing was delayed. But, just wanted to let everyone know that it does happen. I think it helped having a good agent helping me. Ended up saving me probably a few hundreds in the long run.

If something did happen before closing, I could back out of the deal, but would surely lose my earnest deposit.

In wall AC and under counter dishwasher become part of the real estate in some areas, since they are attached to the real property and removal would have safety issues (wiring under dishwasher exposed). Built in refrigerators in high end properties also fit this bill.

I finally got them (Freddie Mac) to agree to replacing the dishwasher. They did not want to just Nike Air Max Colors

Lo and behold, the listing agent called back and said they would replace the water heater with a new one. Wow! Saved me a few hundred bucks! (I should have also told them the roof was dusty!) ; )

Before even accepting my initial offer, the listing agent told me I need to sign the addendum which states what Ibrahim said. It also says they will Air Max 90 2015 Womens Price

It VERY common in this area for the A/C units to get stolen and not at all uncommon for the appliances to be stolen as well.

Everything else seemed ok, property has been on the market for a long time 5months or so, but this theft was recent.

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Damage to REO close to closing

have one where the property was hail damaged the day BEFORE closing, needs new roof, 3 new windows, shutters and a new AC unit. VA (the bank) is refusing to do any work, obviously the buyer didnt put an offer on a beat to hell hail damaged property. crazy stuff. If it closed the day before, it would be on the buyers insurance.

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When I was viewing an REO (that we ended up buying) last year, I noticed the water heater was leaking. I knew I was going to put in an offer on the house anyway, but I didn want the water leak to cause any more damage, so I told my Realtor I was going to shut it down (after all, nobody was living there). He called the listing agent, mentioned I was putting an offer in, told them about the leak, and informed them I was shutting it down to prevent any further damage. Note, I wasn asking them to fix it, just leave the thing off.

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