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The day care was ordered closed for 45 days, starting Feb. 21. Wood was released on bond on Friday.

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Deputies were called to a home day care on Feb. 21 to check on an unresponsive baby. The infant was pronounced dead at a hospital, but her cause of death has not yet been determined.

But another parent, Gary Blackburn, said his son went to the day care for four and a half years, but he had pulled him out in January after his behavior took a sudden turn.

She said she hasn't been able to speak with Wood because of the impending criminal case, and she said they Nike Air Max 90 Black And White Mens

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Another commenter wrote: "Reopening this daycare or any other should not be an option for this woman. How can any parent not only defend her, but entertain the thought of putting their child back in her care. Even Air Max 90 Infrared Black

"I can only speak for my Nike Air Max 90 X Atmos Black Tiger Camo

But Blackburn did say he's never heard anything negative about Wood until these allegations. He said all of the parents who put their children in Wood's care were doing what they thought was best.

Another woman who posted multiple comments on WYFF News 4's story wrote, "No one was hiding any children, they were after school kids who happened to be there all day because school was closed for snow and they were in the play room which is where the after school kids always stayed. Maybe Pam should have told the parents she could not keep them until after 2:30, then only the 'legal' number would have been there.

family and how we feel. Ms. Pam's daycare is being railroaded and needs to be cleared of all charges. I am sure I'm not the only current parent that feels this way."

Another mother, who did not want her identity revealed because she fears a backlash, spoke to News 4 and also said there is more to the story.

"I want people to know that she is a loving, caring woman responsible child care provider. We entrusted our children with her. We still do," she said."

One parent emailed WYFF News 4 and said she believes the allegations against Wood are unjust."None of those children were neglected or unsupervised,"she said."

She expressed her sympathy to the family who lost a child, but said, "If the sleeping conditions were so unsafe, why were no other children affected in the past 15 years? I saw the pack n plays and cribs the children slept in during my tour, and they were not different from what other parents have in their homes.

"For a solid week he would randomly ask us over and over if we were going to stop loving him," said Blackburn.

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"Facts are facts, too bad you don't know all of them. The DHEC regulations she broke are not laws. She will face fines and suspension of license for breaking regulations which is as it should be. Having a child die in your care due to SIDS is not even against the law, nor is it a violation of any DHEC regulation. Why not wait until all the facts are known before finding her guilty of a crime?"

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Day care clients have mixed opinions on arrest

if she is not responsible for the death of that precious baby, she would have definitely been responsible for the death of a child that could have easily ingested cleaners that werent child proofed or for one of the children shooting themselves or another child. Are you not intelligent enough to realize that it is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Many prayers for the family of the infant, as well as, for the children that have been left in her care."

Clients of an Upstate day care center, along with dozens who have voiced their opinions on social media, are sharply divided about the arrest of a day care owner after violations were found during the investigation into an infant's death.

Deputies said when they were at the home they found violations, including too many children in the home, which is only licensed for six. They said they also found a loaded gun on a bookshelf, and alcohol in a kitchen cupboard that did not have a child lock device on it. (Full Story)

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are praying for the family of the child who died.

There have been many Facebook postings condemning Wood and castigating parents who defended her.

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"Ms. Pam, we're here for you. We love you and keep fighting because these kids miss you," she said.

One parent wrote, "There were two adults, alcohol, gun, cleaning products that could have been digested, her 16 year old hiding other children while one is in her back yard alone and she's out on bond?? Why was she trying to distract the officers and keep trying to get back in her home, if these are the things they found imagine what's in there they didn't find. People need to be more aware of who you choose to leave your children with."

"Ms. Pam ran one of the best day cares in Greenville and that's why every parent wanted their child there. The education and love those children received while in her care was phenomenal."

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Blackburn Air Max 90 Rainbow said once his son stopped going to the day care, the strange behavior stopped."I've battled with myself missing sleep because our son was in that house and we don't know what was going on in that house," said Blackburn.

On Thursday, Pamela Wood was arrested and charged with child neglect, violation of day care licensing and obstructing justice. A release said Wood did not cooperate with investigators and provided false information on several different occasions during the investigation.

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