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Discuss the relationship between society, socioeconomic status, the family, the community, theschools, other social institutions, and the criminal justice system as it relates to the life courseExplain the various types of crime and criminals, and the numerous theories of crime causation(thus differentiating between criminal justice and criminology), and the fluctuating rates of crime.

Criminal Justice Learning Outcomes

Recognize the importance of federal and state statutory law, case law and constitutional law as itrelates to the criminal justice field, how the system operates within a constitutional framework, and

crime, criminals and crime control.

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

Become aware of various social movements over the years, and how they have affected the criminaljustice system. Describe past and current controversies in our criminal justice system and be able to

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

argue the multiple sides of these issues.

appeals process, or even the death penalty.

Explain why some deviant acts are labeled as crime and others are not.

the legal Nike Air Max 90 Ice

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parameters which constrain the police, the courts and the correctional Air Max 90 White Blue

Be able to critically analyze scholarly research, governmental crime statistics, and public policy forthe purposes of understanding the limitations of the research and the various factors that influence

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Demonstrate the relationship between crime and the various correlates, such as race, gender, age,and social class.

Acquire knowledge of the four major areas of the criminal justice system: policing, courts,corrections, and the juvenile justice system from first encounter with the police right through the

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Learn to evaluate Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet information not only for accuracy, but for impact as well; and develop awarenessthat faulty perceptions and research can create faulty responses. Rethink some of their notions of

Articulate the special concerns of minorities, juveniles, and females in the criminal justice system, inall the various roles, such as offender, victim, witness, police, judge, jury, and corrections personnel.

the creation of laws.

Air Max 90 Moon Landing On Feet

the role of the state in protecting and sanctioning its citizens.

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