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The RCMP arrested Delisle, now 42, on Jan. 13, 2012, for violating the Security of Information Act. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in prison last February. Delisle had given secret material to Russia in exchange for upward of $110,000 over a period of more than four years. 2, 2011, via the letter to the RCMP.

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

He said "it is deeply troubling" if the system indeed broke down in the Delisle case over CSIS's refusal to share its files or to bring the RCMP in at an early stage.

CSIS held navy spy file back from RCMP

file in December 2011 and later Air Max 90 Custom

The RCMP and CSIS are supposed to be able to "seamlessly hand off cases back and forth between them," said intelligence historian Wesley Wark, a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa's graduate school of public and international affairs.

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

brought him into custody.

OTTAWA Canada's spy agency clandestinely watched a navy officer pass top secret information to Russia for months without briefing the RCMP a previously unknown operation that raises questions about whether Jeffrey Delisle could have been arrested sooner. Federal Bureau of Investigation alerted the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to Delisle's illicit dealings with Moscow well before the Mounties took on the Air Max 90 Triple Black Leather

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

During its search, the border agency discovered a Rio hotel receipt, more than $6,500 in cash most of it new $100 American bills and pre paid credit cards.

He spied for the Russians while working in sensitive posts at National Defence headquarters, including the military's nerve centre, the Strategic Joint Staff, and at the office of the Chief of Defence Intelligence.

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

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Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

According to Delisle's lawyer, it also flags important legal concerns about the government's obligation to disclose all of the Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue evidence against someone charged with breaching national security.

As a sub lieutenant at the Trinity intelligence centre in Halifax, Delisle had access to a data bank of classified secrets shared by the Five Eyes community Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

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Pressure on the Canadians began to build as American patience eroded. justice officials called counterparts in Canada. information he gave up," said the source.

CSIS soon obtained court approval to begin electronic surveillance of Delisle.

But the story actually begins months earlier. security personnel told them a navy officer in Halifax was receiving cash transfers from Russian agents. spy ring busted by the FBI in 2010 that included the glamorous Anna Chapman and several others.

CSIS ultimately decided not to transfer its thick Delisle dossier to the RCMP. secrets of the intelligence trade in open court proceedings. material.

The RCMP had to start its own investigation of Delisle almost from scratch. The delay alarmed and frustrated Washington as the geyser of secrets continued to spew. and arresting him themselves, perhaps during a stopover en route to a Caribbean vacation.

An investigation by The Canadian Press, drawing on multiple sources familiar with the Delisle case, reveals that CSIS was deeply involved in the file before the Mounties entered the picture.

"I think that's scandalous, in fact," said Wark, who served as an expert witness at Delisle's sentencing. "And it would be a matter, I think, for a judicial inquiry or certainly a serious parliamentary investigation."

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

But it wasn't Delisle's obvious lack of a vacation tan that prompted Canada Border Services Agency officials to submit him to a secondary search upon his return. CSIS had tipped the border agency to Delisle's pending arrival at the Halifax airport in a bid to gather more evidence for the case against him.

"We're getting into the category of sources, techniques and methods of the most sensitive nature."

September 2011, Delisle was summoned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to meet one of his Russian handlers.

Despondent over his failed marriage and nursing financial woes, Delisle decided in 2007 to commit "professional suicide," as he would later put it, by walking into the Russian embassy in Ottawa and volunteering to offer up some of western intelligence's most valuable secrets.

It soon became clear to CSIS that Delisle was handing over a great deal of highly sensitive material originating from the United States.

Air Max 90 Mid Winter Squadron Blue

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