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other languages and cultures, Aloisio said. But many science and engineering students don't study abroad, fearing they'll fallbehind.

"Sometimes you worry about people adjusting to a new culture, a new place," Aloisio said. "But he's very adaptable. I don't worry about him adjustingatall."

The Gilman scholarship recipients reflect a more diverse pool, with 17 percent being Hispanic and 15 percent Asian or Pacific Islander. Nearly a third of them go to Asia, compared with about a tenth of traditional study abroad students. State Department and administered by the Institute of InternationalEducation.

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After a rather difficult application process, Borromeo is the first student at CSU Channel Islands to receive the Benjamin A. Gilman InternationalScholarship.

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Gardy Borromeo is not your typical study abroad student. First of all, he's male. He's majoring in chemistry and biology, not humanities the most popular field among students studying abroad. And he's going to a place that's not a popular study abroad destination SouthKorea.

Borromeo doesn't fit the trend of most study abroad students. His parents are Japanese and Filipino, when 81 percent of students who study abroad are white. And he's going to Asia when more than half go to WesternEurope.

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he's feelingready.

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"Almost all scientists work with people from other countries," he said. "Having the ability to communicate with people from other countries and other cultures is important. You don't want to be restricted to communicating with people whose first language is the same asyours."

"I don't like sticking with the trend," said Borromeo, 23, who's going into his senior year at the Camarillo university. "Traveling abroad, you get so exposed to all these other ideas of life. You get to open your eyes, accept everything aroundyou."

"I didn't finish my application until almost the deadline," he said. "But I was determined. And now this school is established in the database, so other kids won't have the hard timeIdid."

Channel Islands two days after he asked that it be included so he could apply. Then the school's financial aid and study abroad advisers had to register onthesite.

In South Korea, Borromeo will take classes in chemistry and Korean. And Nike Air Max Gold Womens

CSUCI student bucks trends for studying abroad

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When Borromeo went to apply for the scholarship, Channel Islands wasn't even on the program's list of schools, he said. Officials added Nike Air Max 90 Womens Montreal

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But Borromeo will be taking classes at a South Korean university this summer, thanks to a scholarship aimed at getting more low income and minority students to study abroad. The scholarship also encourages applicants to look beyond traditionally popular destinations such as Italy orAustralia.

He's already traveled to Canada, Japan and the Philippines, where he was born. He speaks Tagalog and a little Japanese, along with English. He also can read and write Korean, having learned from Koreanfriends.

Then he had to clear two other hurdles getting the scholarship and getting accepted to the university he'll attend. Air Max 90 Mid Winter Print He learned he got the scholarship in May, then a few days later got the acceptance letter from YonseiUniversity.

Also, it's important for students in the sciences to be exposed to Nike Air Max 90 Army Camo

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