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Air Max 90 Men 2015

Air Max 90 Men 2015

even tho i was in love, i wouldnt go buying loads of sweets and roses and shit. End of story. Sorry.

Today im quite alrite today, just got my hair cut!!:P Got to Finland on saturday around 7 our time and im still here. Going back home TO SWEDEN on sunday. FLYING!! Yes we might crash Rose, but im taking that chance:)

Ok, lets see if i can make it to the part where i actually POST a post.

Air Max 90 Men 2015

And tomorrow we've got the fucking parents dinner. Ive gotta stand in the kitchen for 5 6 hours and make dinner for ppl i dont know. Good thing is, im not in until 2 o'clock, i think.:P

Air Max 90 Men 2015

Anyhooo. Snuus wants me to go to Finland, but im not sure i wanna go back there. I wanna go to Ireland or England. And Spain! Or Japan, just to piss ppl off. But then theres the money problem. , woke me up she did! We exchanged christmas pressies and talked for about 2 hours. Hopefully ill live to see the sun tomoro. But then again there is a SMALL chance that i wont be killed. Lets all pray thats how it is!

(Ever heard Fall out boy Sugar, we're going down? Like Carl says: Its well good!)

Air Max 90 Men 2015

(we've Nike Air Max Gold Swoosh

Air Max 90 Men 2015

Air Max 90 Men 2015

Air Max 90 Men 2015

Unfortunately im still alive, there was someone who wanted me to go kill myself. I dont know how i am, im not feeling good but im not feeling bad either. Im sorta in between.

the only radiostation we can hear at home is the most crappy station uve ever heard. the teachers at school r brill and so is the school. my money is all gone and ive got loads of feelings and things ive bottled up caz i havent been able 2 talk wit rose or dan. catching my breath

i dont know if i like tis guy i barely know or if i like tis other guy (no names!!). oh, and the bloody internet doesnt work at home!!

Air Max 90 Men 2015

Cute but psycho

Life in Sweden doesnt suck at all! Theres good looking boys where ever i turn and ive got good friends there to.

And of course. Bloody Valentine's coming up, hate that day! Not everyone is in love! Im not in love! But im still sending a card. (Ssch, dont tell anyone!) Mwoahaha! And Nike Air Max 90 Womens Black And Grey

Air Max 90 Men 2015

Yesterday i was invited to a party this weekend by my only real friend here, and i said 'We'll see.' !! It might have been caz that was the first time i spoke to her in a week Nike Air Max 90 Street Style

Do u even know why we celebrate Air Max 90 Men 2015 Valentine? I bet theres noone who really knows why we celebrate Valentines. The shops only want the money ppl spend on sweets in boxes shaped as hearts, and roses and. and red sexy underwear! The owners of the shops should be shot. Sorry. Arseholes. The only reason to why im sending a card is because i wanna do something good for once, and the guy who's getting the card really deserves it. I would send him flowers and sweets (but no sexy underwear!) if i had the money. And still, that would only be beacuse he deserves it.

Rose Dan, ill talk to u later. Nora the same to u. Rose, you remember my display name!!!!well, short post to let rose and dan tat im still here.

been "fighting") or then it was because im sick and tired of having ppl around me. But anyway. I got so tired of school yesterday that i left after only 3 hours, told my teachers i felt crap and that i had a fever.:D

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