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Most people still don't know that most sharks species are endangered and the ocean's ecosystem is on the brink of collapse.

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In bodybuilding forums, racists meat heads are still debating whether Asian guys Nike Air Max 90 Green Camo

When speedo launched their revolutionary but controversial LZR Racer swim suit back in February, I did wonder why they used an Asian model. I'm not saying there will be an Asian 100m sprint star by 2012, but I do want to see people defying their genetic (or shoud I say generic) expectations.

did lost their shoes though, I was lucky to lose only a sock, and even luckier NOT to have stepped on any of the mud crabs that we spotted only afterwards.

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Ironic isn't it? I have survived 400 million years of evolution and 5 mass extinction cycles in the past. long b4 there were dinosaurs, let alone mammals. But I just can not escape from long line fishing and the insatiable and uneducated Chinese appetite.

have enough testosterone. My parents weren't born yet when Japanese men ruled the pool before the WWII. Even after seeing Kitajima won in both 100m and 200m breaststroke in Athens, we still simply dismissed it as "just breaststroke".

My fins have all been hacked off by illegal poachers, and my body tossed back into the sea so that I suffocate to death.

Both up and down, and use them as anchors. Would've thought it'd be tricky, with water running down their surface, but it was surprisingly easy. Those intricate grooves and patterns on their surface actually turned us into spidermen!

After this trip, lying on the beach just seems SO lame

I want to see that given the right mix of talent and hard work, ANYONE can achieve greatness.

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Wherever we turned, there were strange columns of mineral deposits and even stranger coral fossils. You know those gigantic stalactites, stalagmites and geological formations that are usually elaborately lite up in national parks and one can only take pictures with?

Deep inside the cave, things got muddier and muddier, and the sound of flowing water got louder and louder. Soon enough we came to this cliff over this sizable subterranean river and had to jump into it. LOL I really wanted to climb back up and to do it again!! The water was so deep we couldn't touch the ground at all. At times, it felt like I was swimming in a flooded London Underground. At times, I felt I was in the sinking Titanic, with water creeping up to the ceiling and we had to tilt our head to keep breathing.

Special thanks to Jennifer who translated everything for me and took all these wonderful pictures! I'm so glad that her 5 time ziplocked digital camera survived the swim!

I've been drinking yellow (soy) milk and dipping yellow (soy) sauce for all my life. Yet, I've never ever seen or touched a yellow (soy) plant until this week, when I travelled with a bunch color people to a 93% white Air Max 90 Ltr Gs suburb of Missouri.

I even remember that famous 7 step "bean" Classic poem from the 3rd century Three Kingdom.

Remember the Mines of Moria in Lord of the Ring, where Gandolf sorta "died"? It was rocky like that, except there were no steps, and it was full of spiders, bats and. big cockroaches.

I'm a shark, and my kind is being driven to certain extinction because of Hong Kong's demand for that tasteless and nutritionless shark fin soup.

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It was such a strange feeling, that I had to go all Air Max 90 Og Reverse Infrared

Air drying shark fins, just like they do illegally in Costa Rica, after killing close to 100 million sharks each year.

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Go Go Wong Kam Po! Go Go Kitajima! Go Go Zhang Lin! Go Go Liu Xiang! Go Go Yang Wei!

No mum. I want a black president and I suck white cock, but I haven't lost my true color.

For my whole life, I've been told that Asian women have the physique to compete with the rest of the world (outside diving, gymnastics and ping pong) but not Asian men.

Finally, we got to in this massive chamber with the size and acoustics of a concert hall. Our Adventuras tour guides, being attentive in every aspects, now reached into their huge backpacks and whipped out seat pads, candles and a ziplocked waterproof boombox. So we had a very memorable and bizarre candle light meal in the middle of a cave, with jazz playing in the background! Fantastic.

Once we were inside the Rio Camuy Cave system, all we could really see was a snake of our headlights. It wasn't long before we got a cold welcome from above a refreshing shower of natural mineral water dripping down from the ceiling. Fabulous

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By the time we saw daylight again, we were met with a tropical rainstorm outside the cave. My headlight stopped working halfway through so I was covered in cuts and bruises, even underneath my knee pads. There was sand between my toes, mud on my heels, one of my contact lenses has gone funny. My whole body was visibly shaking and I had to chow down a whole protein bar in the rain to snap out of it. Nonetheless, I didn't want to leave. I didn't want the adventure to end at all. Adventuras you guys ROCK!!! I totally recommend caving at Puerto Rico's Rio Camuy Angeles Cave to anyone dying for adventures.

Things got a lot rougher after that. First, we had to jump back into the river, this time in pitch dark. Then, we had to sprint through mud. My shoes were perfect for swimming, but they got stuck when it's muddy. The more I struggled, the more my feet sank into the Nutella and the tighter the vacuum became. It got to a point where them mud was up to my knees and I could no longer free my legs without losing both of my shoes. So I put my arms into the mud, fished for the shoes and ran bare foot for the rest of that dried up river bank. Some people Nike Air Max Floral Print

Safe d sharks activist arrested by a corrupted policeman for exposing the truth.

If the Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization, then yellow (soy) beans must be what made me yellow.

the way across the globe to come face to face for with this pod of familiar beans for the first time.

Cracking My Vainpot

I'd like to bite the head off that pig with lipstick Sarah Palin (and all those irresponsible soup drinkers of Hong Kong)

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