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"I said if they can do that now, they can find my mother's clothes and they can send it off and get a DNA," Hughes said. "Sometimes it would be two or three times a week I'd call him, but it was every week. If I didn't talk to him, I would leave a message on the answering machine."

A post conviction relief hearing, which could get Evins' sentence reduced, is pending. No execution date has been set. Evins' attorney said the 1991 rape case is under investigation, so he would not comment.

On Nov. 21, 1991, Hughes' Nike Air Max For Womens

"He was one of the most dangerous individuals we had ever dealt with," said 7th Circuit Solicitor Barry Barnette, who was on the Nike Air Max 90 Black White Red

mother and 7 year old daughter were at their home on South Buncombe Street in Greenville County when a man knocked on the door and asked to use the phone.

"I got a feeling she knows it, too. She might've helped me a little bit," Hughes said.

"I never dreamed I'd ever want to see someone like that die, but with him, I would like to tell him myself that if my mama was still alive today, she would tell him she did forgive him, but he needs to get his heart right," Hughes said.

Daughter's promise leads to break in 1991 rape case

Evins was sentenced to death in 2004 for a murder and sexual assault in Spartanburg County.

"The defendant in this particular case is on death row," Wilkins said.

Barnette and Wilkins discussed the 1991 rape case and decided not to pursue charges or a trial, because Evins is already on death row.

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The celebration didn't last long.

"We Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Green

Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins said the DNA matched a man named Fredrick Antonio Evins.

"My grandma was nice enough to let him use the phone, and he turned around, he came in, he tied us up. He was on my bed when he raped my grandmother," said that young victim, who is 29 years old now. "I remember what he was wearing when he came in, what he said, how me smelled. He wanted money. I offered him my change from my piggy bank but he wouldn't take that. My mom Air Max 90 Lime Green had just bought a VCR and he took it from us."The man took off. Finding him became the family's focus.

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By sharing her story for the first time, Hughes is hoping to convince other crime victims that persistence pays off, no matter how long it takes to realize it.

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Evins was also charged with the murder of another woman in 2002. His criminal history dates back to 1986.

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"You never, ever, give up. You can't give up. If you give up you'll never find them," said Hughes. "I am so glad that we do have DNA. It's wonderful."

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"There may be other cases we don't even know about," Barnette said.

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Hughes eventually got a call about a match.

"We're keeping that in our back pocket to use at a later date, if we need to. Hopefully we'll never need to," Barnette said.

"I mean, I went all to pieces. I was just screaming, hollering," Hughes told News4's Mike McCormick.

prosecuting team.

So Hughes and her daughter aren't getting justice, but Hughes did get to keep that promise to her mother.

don't want to do anything to jeopardize his current path. Right now his path is to one day be executed. Bringing him over here, giving him a break from death row, trying him on this particular case, could in some way, jeopardize that particular case," said Wilkins. "You never know what could happen in legal situations, what arguments defense attorneys can make. They would allege that we're piling on, those types of things, that we're treating him unfair."

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