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say much money has yet to be formally awarded by states and municipalities.

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And Washington has promised to fast track future negotiations on Buy American measures they might build into spending.

Deal exempts Canadian companies from protectionist Buy American provisions

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"With this agreement, we are sending a clear message: the best way to create and keep jobs is by opening economic opportunities, not by closing them," Trade Minister Peter Van Loan said in announcing the deal. trade policy aimed at other countries.

Jayson Myers, president of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, acknowledged that the amount of money left to compete for in the first American stimulus package has largely run out only US$75 billion left of Air Max 90 Cork Replica

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Then federal trade minister Stockwell Day took the baton from the anxious provinces and, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, banged the drum for a deal with Washington. announced a tentative deal that would give the provinces access to procurement contracts in 37 states, and vice versa.

at dawn seems an apt description of what drew the provinces together last summer in a rare show of unity against "Buy American."

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There are also many details to be hashed out, including myriad exemptions that could include contracts in the health care, education and cultural sectors.

Observers say the real victory was what politicians and bureaucrats accomplished in Canada, bringing the provinces together to liberalize access to government contracts for the first time. The move could help to clear the road for a trade deal between Canada and the European Union, and bring down more nagging inter provincial trade barriers.

John Boscariol, with law firm McCarthy Tetrault's international trade and investment group, said the deal will set the tone for future negotiations. He noted that many American industries and lawmakers have been brought around to the fact that protectionist measures can hurt their businesses too.

US$275 billion by that government's own estimates.

However, Liberal trade critic Scott Brison said the agreement is too little, too late.

"The government has failed to negotiate a good agreement in a timely manner, and as a result Canadian jobs have been lost and Canadian competitiveness has been affected negatively."

"I have never in all my history in politics, I have never seen so many things move so quickly in all my life we had unanimity within two weeks," said Ontario Trade Minister Sandra Pupatello. "It was a watershed in the heat of July."

Unexpectedly, they saw their industries shut out of fat American stimulus contracts because of the protectionist trade policy. Something had to be done and fast.

And the deadline for those projects is Feb. 17, although Myers and Canadian officials Nike Air Max 90 Black Grey Orange

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"I think it's very significant that they took this step and it will impact how the issues are addressed in the future . the path will already be trodden."

"In this particular deal, we really have established the notion that Canada is fundamentally different and the relationship between Canada and the United States is fundamentally different," he said in Saskatoon.

"The fact is much of the stimulus has been spent, and the rest will be expiring soon," Brison said.

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Still, Myers said credit is due to Day and other federal officials for overseeing the difficult negotiations.

OTTAWA The old maxim that nothing focuses the mind like a hanging Nike Air Max 90 White And Black Grey

"This is the first time in Canadian history that they've Air Max 90 Leopard agreed on any procurement deal. That was no mean feat and to be able to bring the provinces on board and launch negotiations with the United States . that's the type of accomplishment this is."

Washington has also agreed to waive its protectionist clauses in the US$787 billion Recovery Act for certain contracts, giving Canadian companies the chance to compete for what's left of the stimulus spending.

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