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Still your statement stand corrected. We learn a lot from our first job that is.

Dead end jobs destroy transferable technical skills

things like Moose, Try::Tiny, etc where possible for newer classes, etc)

Writing and maintaining terribly designed software is actually a really great way to learn software design. It makes it so that when you read about a technique or pattern, the application of Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Red

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This assessment is spot on. I'm in this situation now. I've sent out my resume and interviewed, but have had little success. I really had no idea how bad off I was until I started interviewing at other companies. I can't overstate the value of "practice" interviews. I wish I had done a few practice interviews before starting the process with Google because I did very poorly when I had a phone screen with them. That was a major confidence killer. After the Google failure I interviewed with Apple and went pretty far into the process. I felt like the interviews went really well (phone and on site), but it didn't work out. I did a few other phone screens with companies after Apple, but nothing Air Max 90 Kjcrd Ice came of them. I really want to start my own company, but I can't afford to quit my current job. In the meantime I'm squeezing in work on side projects where I can. It's pretty depressing and stressful.

Dead end jobs destroy transferable technical skills. I've witnessed miserable scenes. Many people are stuck maintaining large pieces of poorly written software. Skunk works type projects at work are strongly recommended.

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I did three years of maintenance programming on a proprietary enterprise Java Big Feaking Web App framework, fighting fires and making minor changes. I learned more about engineering in those years than in college, first job, and building two software businesses from scratch. Possibly combined. YMMV.

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Wow, your sstatement read like the past six months for me. Good luck.

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I learned a lot in the six months or so (of the job I have in mind), but it very quickly plateaued and from then on it was all very much self directed learning, automating as much of my work as possible and writing tools to make my life easier and to learn new technologies. It's spending an hour performing repetitive manual changes to some code, or spending 55 minutes doing it programatically in Vim and gaining some precious Vim fu in the process. It sounds like your place had a lot more to teach you.

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Understanding what to avoid can be as valuable as having an idea of what specifically to do. I misread.

There's a whole lot of Lexapro at the other end of that tunnel. Get out as soon as you can.

Those aren't necessarily untransferable skills. You can always bill yourself as being able to get up to speed on a new codebase quickly and pitch yourself to corporations that need someone to battle their existing, horrible codebase. my company has a large pre existing Perl codebase, some of which mirrors functionality of various modules/packages on CPAN some better, some worse and there is a lot of internal push to move towards Air Max 90 White Camo

Thanks. Were you able to escape?

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that pattern is very real to you, in the sense of "Oh, if we had done this on component X of product Z, it would have prevent bugs like Y."

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