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If it's a FSBO, say, "Hi, I saw your house on craigslist. Is your price negotiable?"

in mind, it going to take a while to see consistent results.

Craigslist Marketing

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Craigslist works best for selling houses, or building your buyers list. If you're going to use craigslist to find sellers / deals, you're better off contacting landlords and FSBO's about their house.

You have MUCH better results with letters. You might eventually get a deal with CL, but it going to take a Air Max 90 Gs White while.

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different then any other so I hear. I mean I have no way of knowing because I don know what its like to be in other markets.

Thanks for the great responses guys. I agree with everyone mailers definitely got calls.

I sent out 500 yellow letters and got like 16 calls. Mostly everyone that calls back is curious and looking for retail. One person did call and was motivated but I don know if there were any buyers looking in that area as it got really beat up from Hurricane Sandy. It was one of the towns like breezy point which was destroyed :(

If you don have money for letters then I would suggest additional ways of cheap marketing. Just keep Nike Air Max Excellerate 4 Red

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I very rarely put deals together with sellers who are actively trying to sell their properties which is the type of seller who would be looking on CL for a "we buy houses ad". My typical seller is someone who has owned the property for a long time and it has either recently become vacant or my letter simply reminded them of the crappy old house they own that they keep paying taxes on every year.

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As for contacting FSBOs and FRBOs I've had very little success with that. Those who 'know' of seller financing don't seem to really understand it and expect terms that don't work for us investors. I'm also finding that most are asking too high to start off with.

You can also try and contact for rent ads directly yourself. The non career landlords are most likely to sell when a property becomes vacant.

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If it's a rental, say something like, "Hi, I saw your rental on Craigslist. You wouldn't have any interest in selling it, would you?"

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