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When meal planning falls short and the meat in the fridge will go bad before you have time to eat it, freeze it as soon as possible to enjoy later. Make sure the meat or other food product is packaged properly; it's generally safer, and will make the end product better, if the product is placed in an airtight bag or other packaging.

the most important thing when it comes to saving money and staying under budget at the grocery store. Going to the grocery store hungry will make everything look good, and therefore a necessity, causing you to spend more money than you should. Have a snack before you go, and your budget will be happier.

4. Remember to account for sales tax. Rounding up the prices to the nearest $.50, $.75 or $1 should help with this so you don't have to be too precise.

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7. Be creative. Similar to the "stretch your menu" step above, don't waste money on prepared foods. Instead, prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them, or double a recipe when cooking and freeze the second half for a hectic day coming up.

Also, remember that just because something is less expensive, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a better deal. For example, two boxes of pancake mix sit side by side, one is $2.50 and the other is $3. Don't just thoughtlessly grab Air Max Womens 90

Here are some tips to help save some cash, along with some sanity, at the grocery store.

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Also, make sure Nike Air Max 90 Size

your veggies and fruit are dry before you put them on the scale. If they have just been sprayed with water, they will weigh more and cost more.

10. It you go without your kids or spouse or friends, you won't be led astray by anything they want to buy. If the children have to come along, provide a book or handheld video game to occupy them.

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Air Max 90 Gs Blue

8. Start from the other end and work your way back. You'll be purchasing the most expensive items first and will know how much you have remaining Air Max 90 Gs Blue for the fruits and vegetables.

5. Pick meals for the week that all incorporate similar ingredients so that you don't have to buy a lot of different items.

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6. There are 21 meals in a week, and by stretching menus with leftovers, you can reduce the number of meals you have to start from scratch.

3. You can often get great deals on items like low sodium chicken broth. The American Dietetic Association suggests that since these have a long shelf life, you might as well stock up. Every week, check the frozen vegetable section and buy what's on sale so you always have a variety of mixed vegetables in the freezer.

One recent study said the average family throws away 14 percent of the food it buys. On a $150 weekly bill, that is more than $1,000 back into your pocket every year.

2. Focus on the list and try not to diverge from it.

Along the same lines, try to cut the number of visits you make to the grocery store. Instead of shopping twice a week, shop for two weeks' worth of groceries at a time. consumer spends more than $10 on impulse buys every trip to the supermarket. By cutting trips from twice a week to once every two weeks, you can save more than $500 a year on your bill and still get every item on your list.

1. Don't shop for groceries when you are hungry. It's just common sense, right? And yet, it's Nike Air Max 90 Bright Crimson

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9. Take advantage of coupons and sale items, but be sure your family will use a "bargain." If they won't, it's no saving.

Cut grocery bills with these 15 tips

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the $2.50 one. Check the volume and use your calculator to determine the best value for your dollar.

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Air Max 90 Gs Blue

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