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More than 8 million islanders are eligible to vote, and will approve 612 members of the National Assembly and over 1,600 provincial delegates. The government said turnout in 2008, when the last parliamentary election was held, was 96.8 per cent.

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we see improvement," said Arnaldo Herrera, a 54 year old electrician, at a polling site in historic Old Havana.

"I come to vote of my own volition with Air Max 90 Grey Black Red the hope that we will see the delegates and representatives do their job, that they don't just get comfortable, that Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Independence Day Navy

Government critics call Cuban elections perfunctory, noting that only the Communist Party is permitted on the island and only one approved candidate is on the ballot for each seat in parliament. Castro and his older brother Fidel, now retired, have headed up the government for five decades.

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Cubans vote on new legislature

closed and offer no real competition, but that the government defends as grass roots democracy.

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Term limits do not exist in Cuba, but on various occasions Castro has proposed limiting public officials including the president to two consecutive periods in office.

"It is a different electoral system. Personally I find it is more democratic than (others) I know," Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said after casting his ballot at a school in an upscale neighbourhood of western Havana.

Parliamentary candidates don't need to belong to the Communist Party, but those who don't generally are members of allied organizations.

"They need to do something, for example fix buildings that have problems. Some of them are falling down," Herrera added. ""People need to feel satisfied by what they do."

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The elected unicameral legislature will convene Feb. 24 and pick a new parliament chief for the first time in two decades, with the body's longtime leader, Ricardo Alarcon, not on the ballot.

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HAVANA, Cuba Millions of Cubans voted Sunday for parliamentary candidates in elections critics say are Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Premium

Assembly candidates from the eastern city of Santiago.

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Voting began last October with municipal elections.

Among those voting in Havana on Sunday was Fidel Castro, who appears in public only occasionally now since he fell ill in 2006 and stepped aside permanently less than years later. A photograph published on the website of the Communist youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde showed him at a polling station wearing a checked shirt and a dark jacket.

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The former Cuban leader was among 25 National Nike Air Max 90 2015 Mens Shoes

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The body is also expected to rename Raul Castro, whom state TV showed casting his ballot in the eastern province of Santiago, as president for another five years.

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