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Any of the above symptoms can be indicative of a back or spinal problem. It could be caused by a strain, a Air Max 90 Golf Shoes compressed nerve or dachshund degenerative disc disease. The breed has an increased propensity to develop back and spinal problems, (including canine intervertebral disc disease).

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Cats back legs are weak I have a female cat that when i rub her from head to tail will put her back Nike Air Max Classic White

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Dachshunds back legs weak

My 5 year old Female maltese dog has been shaking and her back legs seem weak and her tail is wagging for no reason. I am very worried about this as she has had problems with her getting foxtails and of of that. Up jumped Two legs, picked up Three legs and threw it at Four legs and made Four legs bring back One. legs

Your dog condition may not necessarily be that serious, but she does need to be promptly evaluated if the symptoms persist. I hope she will feel better soon. PetCaretaker

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Until you can get her to the vet she should be kept strictly confined. If you have a crate to put her I. That would be great. If she needs to go outside for a wee, then carry her. She definitely should not be walking around and under no circumstances should she be running, jumping, or going up and down stairs. If the topical flea product was thoroughly washed off with Dawn dish detergent two weeks ago and the dog has not any symptoms since that time, it is unlikely that the flea medication has anything to do with her current condition.

Share Abuse She should really see a vet straight away. Dachshunds are prone to intervertebral disc disease and a prolapsed disc can cause hindlimb paralysis. Weakness in the hindlimbs can be a sign of a disc.

If there is any indication that she is having back pain, confine your dog to a very limited space to restrict her activity until she can be examined by a veterinarian. If Nike Air Max 90 All Black Leather

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

appears to be experiencing reduced sensation in her limbs).

My 5 year old Maltese woke up Panting and shaking.

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

My 9 year old staffordshire terrier seems to be tripping over his own back legs. his legs appear to be weak and slant inwards. My nine year old staffordshire terrier seems to be tripping over his own back legs. his legs.

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Dachshunds back legs weak Today when i got home from school my 4 yr old dachshund was acting strange. her back legs seem to sway and she looses her balance. We had an otc flea drop encounter about 2 weeks ago. i noticed within 2 hrs and gave her a lot of baths with dawn and she seemed to be ok the next day and has acted normal since, now all of a sudden this. Someone please help! I don have much money but i love her more than life itself and im scared i wont be able to help her

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

I feel weak i have a hard time walking up the stairs, my hands are shaky some times i can breath, my heart is beathing hard. My arms hurt and the skin got lose. At night some times i can sleep and i.

There are multiple conditions that could produce your dog hindquarter weakness and loss of coordination. Is she experiencing any discomfort? Inactive? Whining when mobile? Avoiding jumping and stairs? Involuntarily trembling? Does she walk with her back in a hunched up position? Do her knuckles on her hind feet drag as she walks? Has she had back problems in the past?

legs up in the.

she appears to be losing the sensation in her rear legs, she needs immediate veterinary attention. (Worst case scenario, should the spinal cord become compressed, paralysis is possible.)Considering the breed, a back problem would be the first concern. Keep her confined to a small area, monitor her for a reduction of feeling in her hind legs and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible, (particularly if she Nike Air Max 90 Hot Pink

Air Max 90 Golf Shoes

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