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A spokesperson for South Lanarkshire Council said: "We are aware of the request for traffic signals at the junction of Main Street at West Coats Road in Cambuslang.

"When you hear about the wee boy going off the road and not stopping, that's very worrying.

"We really want the council to listen to us and put traffic lights in there, as they're really needed."

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"I am sure that the next meeting of the Cambuslang Town Group will be keen to look Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot Patch

"I'm happy to see they are Air Max 90 Vt Green

She said: "Everybody is completely fed up with it.

at how visibility can be improved for pedestrians particularly at this corner where delivery lorries park as the nearby loading bay is often used by other motorists. There was also an issue with waste bins Air Max 90 Essential Blue which are left at this junction making it difficult for pedestrians to cross as their visibility is impacted."

They say that the elderly people who live nearby find it impossible to cross the road, because of its busy junction with the Main Street.

"So many of the people at this end of the Main Street are elderly, and it's impossible for them to cross at the bottom of West Coats Road.

"You can go there, any time of day, and watch them trying to cross from Finlay's to get to the Bull. They'll go and take a step forward, and then go back onto the pavement because there's cars coming.

Cambuslang West SNP councillor Clare McColl has taken up the case on behalf of the concerned residents.

"I've tried to cross there as well with a pushchair it's almost impossible.

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Hilda Allison, who lives in Rosebank Tower, spoke to the Rutherglen Reformer on behalf of many of her neighbours.

She said: "With my local knowledge, and what my constituents have told me, I know this is a particularly dangerous area. I'm extremely worried about this situation.

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he did was break his thumb.

Cambuslang residents are calling on South Lanarkshire Council to install traffic lights at the bottom of West Coats Road.

Dangerous road needs traffic lights says Cambuslang residents

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"There was a wee boy cycling along recently outside Finlay's. He was going along the pavement at great speed, and just went straight out into the road.

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"If there had been a pedestrian crossing the chances are he would have stopped and pushed the button to cross.

And they say it's not just older people who are finding the crossing to be dangerous, with one youngster recently being in collision with car on West Coats Road.

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still monitoring the extent of traffic coming out of West Coats Road on to the Main Street. They will report back at the end of September.

"I have written to the roads and transportation department and they have done a survey on this particular area, but at the moment it doesn't meet the criteria for traffic lights. What they have said they will do is continue to assess the area.

"A crossing on West Coats Road, so close to the junction with Main Street, could actually lead to traffic backing up onto Main Street, especially for cars turning right from Main Street onto West Coats Road. I would be concerned about this from a safety point of view as it may not produce the desired effect which residents are seeking.

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New traffic lights in Cambuslang branded dangerous by drivers "There was a car coming down West Coats Road and he went into it. He looked as if he could be very seriously injured but all Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Orange

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