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This week, an official paid her a visit with details about helping her to pay for the changes but they'll only pay for 3/4 of certain costs such as the logo design.

I am not agreeing with Bill 101, I don't think Nike Air Max 90 Mens Size 10

I have to save that I agree with Umaga, though am not a 'Quebecois' hardliner. Ignorance does not excuse breaking of laws. This is a known (read: popular) law and is known (and yes, hated) by many people. This is not a law which is hidden in the annals of our society. This is the point that is being missed, the business owner's responsibility to manage their business within the law. What if she had been 'unaware' or unwilling to abide by food safety laws? People would take to arms.

This one is self inflicted. If you want your own business with that name, you can't do it in Quebec. That's been common knowledge for 36+ years.

If you want fairness and co operation within the language laws then i agree with you. My problem is why are the STM and other public services allowed to use only the parts of bill 101 that suit them. The bill clearly states the use of bi lingual employees for the service they provide is acceptable. If the bill is to be applied then lets see it applied fairly throughout the province in all Nike Air Max 90 Pink And Purple

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Images: Crazy About CupcakesHow did you come to the conclusion that the Bill 101 was popular? It is laughable that after 30 years the OQLF has not found all the businesses that are breaking the law. It just shows the inefficiency of these fools or maybe it just goes to show they have a cosy job and don't have to do any real work to collect their fat pension cheques. I guess the economy here is booming at such a rate it took 6 YEARS for one of the OQLF officers to notice or did someone call them and wake them up so they had to go do something that day?

I'm surpised the hard line PQ are allowing their leader to visit a free country like Switzerland in case she realizes that speaking more then one language could be a benefit to Quebecors. Or maybe she is just checking out the finishing schools so her children can finish their education there?

For six years, Tanya Bouzaglo has been known as the Crazy About Cupcakes lady, selling her culinary creations from her Pointe Claire village storefront.

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"It's upsetting, it's discouraging, it's a big waste of time for me, and money."

I agree with the individuals who feel she has been negligent in her responsibilities as a business owner. We as taxpayers should not subsidize her costs for reprinting a business sign.

"Having to reprint all my business cards, even though I have 1000s sitting here in stock, my boxes, my stickers, I have to Air Max 90 Essential Black Grey get rid of that and start fresh. That's what's a pain," Bouzaglo said.

All right, this one's her fault. Language legislation's been around since 1977. You can't just go flouting the law so egregiously. Nice and cute name but she had the choice of naming her company and at least TRY to make it look like you're following the law. You don't need the witch hunters on your tail.

in todays radio news, it said, that the OLF report against the Cup Cake Lady mentionned, that someone spoke english in her store. OMG what a terrible crime this lady had permittet on her place of business. I hope all the shady characters that were mentioned during the Charbonneau crime enquiry stole , embesselt and laundered all that money en francasais . if not they are really deep in Sh.

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Cupcake shop not crazy about OQLF

The sad truth for Francophone Quebecors Umago, is that the majority of English speaking Quebecors have learned to speak and write in French and are sitting at the front line of job interviews and getting the better paid jobs too.

You got caught and now have to comply. At a cost to the public (through taxes) no less. I, for one, will not take the side of the business in this case.

if I'm adding in the word p people know me as Crazy about Cupcakes, not anything else, so it's going to change somewhat for sure," Bouzaglo told CJAD 800 News.

By the way, you can get 5000 business cards printed here in Montreal for $108. Subtract what we the public are paying for it (3/4) then it will cost the owner $27. Not that much of a pain in my books 'crazy about cupcakes' lady!

But last April, she appeared on the OQLF's radar and a few months later she was hit with four violations, including her company's name which would have to include a French descriptor such as p to make it conform.

situations. When that is the case the business owner here would have no right to complain. Until them i think she has a good case to flout the law as it is clearly not applied in all circumstances.

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"Even Nike Air Max 90 Ltr Ps

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No, I don't say that the language laws are right I think they're absurd. But they're the law. It's like someone moving to Dorval and then complaining about airplane noise.

As mush as I think that the OQLF is nothing short of the language nazis I also think that the owner of this store has known since day one of opening the business she was in direct violation of the language codes.

A West Island cupcake shop is the latest small business to have drawn the ire of the province's language watchdog.

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Know where you are.

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it serves the purpose and I believe it infrignes upon our freedoms. abide but don't agree).

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They also have the choice to leave and work elsewhere in the world too.

Adding the word "patisserie" in front of her English words Crazy about Cupcakes would actually increase her client base as it would more clearly indicate what type of business she is in and it makes her business more marketable, more prestigious. As for the costs of reprinting cards and stickers that is laughable, it costs peanuts to reprint as one other commenter pointed out, approximately $100.00.

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