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"We also already offer phone unlocking for our customers and we already have a cap on international data roaming," Fuller said. However, a senior executive cautioned the company may not be able to put in place the technology and systems by the CRTC's December deadline.

"So, in effect, it's equivalent to those asking for a Air Max 90 Dark Grey ban of a three year contract without us actually banning three year contracts, because what we're saying Air Max 90 Infrared 2015 Review

"And when you're a big company with big IT systems or for that matter, a small company with small IT systems these things typically take 12 to 18 months to implement, and the CRTC has given us six months."

"The commission's decision that the new national wireless code will supersede provincial legislation is a very positive decision in that all Canadians from coast to coast to coast will have access to the same provisions of the new national code."

"We didn't focus on the length of the contract, we focused on the economic relation," CRTC chairman Jean Pierre Blais said in an interview.

new code.

"At Telus, we have been making a genuine effort over the past number of years to listen to our customers and respond with significant improvements," David Fuller, Telus' chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

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However, the association raised concerns about customers being able to walk away from the wireless contracts after two years.

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Telus has already replaced cancellation fees with a device balance, he added.

under a set of new rules unveiled Monday by the CRTC.

"One area of concern to the industry is the code's requirement of a 24 month amortization of wireless device subsidies," the group said.

is the contract's amortization period can only be for a maximum period of 24 months."

"Most have chosen three year contracts because of the big price reductions they mean on the latest smartphones," Pasquini said. "Restricting to two years means less flexibility for consumers, so it remains to be seen how they'll respond."

In the lead up to public hearings held earlier this year, the CRTC said it heard a lot of angry comments about three year contracts.

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"This requirement does limit consumer choice in the marketplace, and could make a customer's up front purchase price of a smartphone more expensive than current offerings."

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Customers allowed to cancel phone contracts after two years

But the news that wireless customers will be able to cancel their contracts after two years without any extra penalties was welcomed by at least one consumer group.

But the Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission didn't go as far as an outright ban on the controversial three year contracts that are so widely hated by many Canadians.

Many of the new rules are already followed by Telus (TSX:T), a senior executive said.

The regulator also had a backer in the federal Competition Bureau, which supports measures to limit contract length.

Instead, customers will only have to pay the remaining value of the device subsidy if they opt out of their contracts after two years. That means if a customer bought a $600 phone for $99 on a three year plan, they only have to pay the remaining balance on the device itself to get out of the contract early.

"So it really is about freeing up Canadians to choose to either stay with their current carrier, under renegotiated terms, or go to a competitor."

An industry group welcomed some aspects of the Nike Air Max 90 Laser

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Shorter contracts could also mean cellphone companies might offer smaller subsidies on devices meaning customers might pay more up front for their phone, Engelhart added.

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"None of this is rocket science, but it all takes time," Ken Engelhart, vice president of regulatory at Rogers, said in an interview.

"What we were concerned about was ensuring that there was a dynamic marketplace; that is, that people didn't feel entrapped in their contracts when they want to maybe use the offer of a new entrant or a competitor across the street," Blais said.

"I'm not sure that this will be something that consumers are necessarily going to be positive about, but time will tell."

The association also said there will be "major technology development and costs associated with implementing and complying with the new code."

"As a result, we already do a lot of what is in the new code."

Bell spokesman Paolo Pasquini said the company already provides customers with a number of ways to avoid signing a long term contract, and warned a two year time frame could end up limiting their options.

"The CRTC has done its best to find a balanced approach for both consumers and service providers," Bernard Lord, head of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, said in a statement.

OTTAWA Cellphone customers will be able to walk away from their contracts after two years without any early cancellation penalties Air Max 90 Black And Yellow

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