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Defence lawyers had argued before the Appeal Court that RCMP didn't allow Sharif access to a lawyer or interpreter the day of his arrest, Air Max 90 Breathe and transcripts of police interviews show he didn't understand Nike Air Max Bw Black

allegations against their client came from three people including his brother who were tortured by investigators in Iraq.

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The Appeal Court, however, suggested the bar for such an argument was higher. It cited a Supreme Court of Canada ruling which gave examples of stoning adulterers or amputating the hands of thieves as punishments which violate Canadian values of justice.

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Still, the court said, those failures weren't enough to stop the extradition.

Sharif, who also goes by Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa, is an ethnic Kurd who was born in Iraq but moved to Toronto as a refugee in 1993. Four years later, he became a Canadian citizen.

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Court rules terrorism suspect can be extradited

The Appeal Court ruled that none of the arguments merited keeping Sharif in Canada.

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"In our view, a sentence of life imprisonment without parole, while not a sentence available in Canada . would not sufficiently shock the conscience of Canadians such that his surrender to face those charges would be unjust or oppressive."

"The information obtained from that interview constituted a minute part of the information contained in the record of the case, leaving a considerable body of evidence to support the extradition judge's decision to commit," the appeal judges wrote.

The court agreed the extradition judge should not have outright rejected the torture allegations by Sharif's brother. It also said the judge should have asked the federal attorney general to disclose evidence about the brother's interrogation or strike the evidence from the deportation proceedings.

Prosecutors contend that evidence from intercepted Internet and phone conversations shows Sharif was directly involved in supporting the Tunisian terrorists who conducted the suicide bombing by helping connect with other supporters as they made their way across the Middle East to Iraq.

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"We're not aware of any case where a court has found that the potential commission of torture would not result in a miscarriage of justice," Whitling said.

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They also said Air Max 90 Premium

The terror network is also accused of blowing up an Iraqi police station, killing seven Iraqi officers.

Whitling said Sharif cannot be extraditied until all of his appeals have been exhausted.

what might have come to light in terms of the misconduct that was perpetrated in building a case against him?"

Sharif was appealing the justice minister's decision as well as a judge's original 2012 ruling that there was enough evidence to extradite Sharif on two charges.

"If he had received that disclosure as he should have, who knows Nike Air Max 90 Gold Womens

Sharif's lawyer, Nate Whitling, said he expects his client will ask the Supreme Court to hear the case. Several issues stood out as grounds for appeal, Whitling said, but the most concerning was the Appeal Court's ruling on the relevance of the torture allegations.

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what was going on.

He has been in custody since his arrest in 2011 at an Edmonton apartment, where he lived with his girlfriend and her children.

"While he professed to be afraid, it is obvious from the context of the interviews that his fear was not generated by the interviews or the interviewers, but by his realization of the information they had about him," the judges wrote. that Sharif wouldn't face the death penalty.

The Appeal Court said Sharif had access to a lawyer after his arrest, was aware of his right to silence and was not intimidated by investigators.

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