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5. Create the campus of the future. Make campus pedestrian friendly and promote green technology and energy efficient facilities.

The plan is available on the MSU Web site and Nike Air Max Deluxe

everyone in the university community is encouraged to examine it and provide input. The five parts jelled after Davenport and his cabinet met at a retreat in St. Peter recently.

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3. Embody excellence in all that the university does.

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"Today's students are learning that having a single focused area of study is not enough," he said. "They need to be analytical, critical thinkers . They must to able to work with anyone on the globe."

Davenport also talked a little bit about the recent budget woes. The impact on the 2010 1011 budget will be about $7 million. In two years, tuition increases could be as high as 15 percent unless the Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Red

in mind, Davenport said he hopes the fact the university successfully completed or came close to completing all of the objectives in their last strategic plan won't result in Air Max 90 Blue Lagoon complacency.

1. Integrate global solution ideas across campus. The term global is not limited to its geographic definition.

Minnesota State University President Richard Davenport bid a figurative farewell to the past at his annual convocation Monday and said Minnesota State University is poised to launch itself into the future with a bold list of new strategic priorities.

4. Grow the university's extended learning outreach; offer high quality online degrees, ease transfers from other institutions, offer flexible and timely programming.

Davenport gives annual convocation

budget picture improves or the university finds some money somewhere.

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And after lauding a few dozen stellar employees and listing some of the many student, academic and institutional achievements of the previous year including the wrapping up of the previous strategic plan Davenport outlined a five part plan that shows where he hopes to bring the university during the next few years.

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2. Capitalize on the university's new status as a doctoral institution, provide state of the art graduate programs, engage in innovative research that finds real solutions to real problems.

A consultant told them, "Never think you've had your best day." With that Air Max 90 New York

The convocation is the president's annual "state of the university" address in which he talks about the struggles and accomplishments of the previous year and tells the university community where the university's energy will be directed.

Of the five, Davenport appeared most jazzed about No. 1.

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